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Nov. 16, 2014 Blumbers

Knowing Your Audience

I used to know my audience. I still do, mostly. Years ago I had a list of subscribers and I’d mail them a newsletter. Later I sent out a monthly email from a slightly larger list. By the time I got to a website it was thousands of people I did not know.

Now I have software that can tell me who is looking at my website and where they are located. Looking over the past ten years,  the locations have shifted from office buildings and universities to homes, shopping centers, train stations, airports and hotels. I think this reflects the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices.

While most visitors are from Silicon Valley, there are a lot of hits from other American high tech centers like the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast. It is still pretty cool to see someone located at the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. Sometimes visitors misbehave, but mostly it is very nice people who like the pictures or laugh at something funny I wrote. While I could know more about my audience, I want them to have their privacy. I am grateful for their time and interest and that my message is getting through.

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