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Dec. 22, 2015 Pictures Of The Year

Here are some pictures I took over the last year. It has the usual collection of senators, statues, herons, spies, journalists, tigers, elephants, lions, antique cameras, flammable hoverboards, whales and giant steel basketball hoops.

201503310050DJClinecom1 201504016417DJClinecom1 201504070231DJClinecom 201504076486DJClinecom 201508060272DJClinecom 201508060571DJClinecom 201508060629DJClinecom 201508176629DJClinecom 201509126676DJClinecom 201509200791DJClinecom 201511170197DJClinecom

Note: Howdy to Florence and her machine? Horace in Greeley? Burlington Cope Factory? Loving Loveland? Hola in Dola?

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