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Feb. 24, 2012 SVEC Banquet

On February 24, 2012 in San Jose at the Doubletree, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) held its 2012 Silicon Valley Engineers Week. This year the keynote speaker is Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO of NETGEAR. His speech was “Everything connected to the Internet – how Silicon Valley engineers are only beginning to change the world.” The 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees were Dr. Joseph W. Goodman, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; Dr. Sam D. Haddad of President of HTCS Consulting Services; and Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy CEO of OSIsoft. Also present were other Hall of Fame members Bill Adams, Robert Berry, Stan Myers, Bernard Widrow and Steve Wozniak. This years scholarship winners were Sayedshahin Ashrafzadeh, Laraine Chan, Sandeep Peddada, Romi Phadte, Priyanka Rao, Nishant Sanjay Pol, Elizabeth Seger and Alexandria Shearer. Congratulations to the SVEC members who made this evening possible.

Note:  Laraine Chan attended this event.

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