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Dec. 3, 2013 SVForum PWC Electric Cars

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On December 3, 2013 in Palo Alto At Pillsbury Winthrop, SVForum and PWC held a breakfast discussion on the rise of electric vehicles. Alison Leopold Tilley of Pillsbury moderated panelists Mark Platshon of Birchmere Ventures, John Suh of Hyundai Ventures, and Eric Wesoff of Greentech Media. Some unmanned electric vehicles may fly while many ground vehicles will be self driving. While most will use lithium ion batteries, there are new materials that may be cheaper with more capacity.

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Aug. 8, 2012 SVForum Main Event

On August 8, 2012 in Palo Alto at Cooley LLP, SVForum’s Main Event topic was “Raising Capital for Early Stage Technology Companies.” Greg Clark of Cooley LLP moderated panelists Jim Connor of Sand Hill Angels, Michael Harries of Citrix Startup Accelerator, Saad Khan of CMEA Capital and John Suh of Hyundai Ventures.

They discussed how even with reduced costs of startups and supportive incubators, companies still need venture capital. The options range from Ron Conway’s portfolio strategy angels to Mike Maples and his “Thunder lizard” to Band of Angels, Sand Hill Angels, and Angels’ Forum. Many investors are looking at social, mobile and big data because of the lower barriers to entry. An ideal candidate would be an experienced engineer leading an energetic team with an existing revenue stream and a business plan to sell the startup to a larger buyer like the Instagram Facebook acquisition.

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