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Jul. 15, 2013 SVForum Volunteers


On July 15, 2013 in Palo Alto at DLA Piper, SVForum staff held a volunteer meeting. Atttending were Jon Baer, Denyse Cardozo, Geoffrey Doyle, Francine Gordon, Steve Hogan, Joe Jasin, Bob Ketner, Jay Kumar, Michal Lenchner, Sonja London, Susan Lucas Conwell, Eilish McCaffrey, Waiming Mok, Kim Murray, Dave Nielsen, Christine Oliver, Rhinehart Reglos, Subu Sankara, David Snyder, Jeanine Swatton, Paul Wcislo.

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Dec. 2, 2010 SDF Mobile Holiday Event

December 2, 2010 in Palo Alto at Nokia, the SDForum Mobile SIG held a Sponsor Appreciation & Holiday Event. Sponsors presenting their 2011 initiatives were Microsoft, Nokia, Orange and SAP. Bruno  Terkaly of Microsoft gave an overview of Windows Phone 7 overview for consumers. Tony Kueh of SAP’s Sybase talked about payments, carrier provisioning, SMS and MMS transactions. Satya  Mallya of Orange talked about apps, systems integration and and running multiple operating systems. Samir Agarwal of MeeGo explained how MeeGo is true open source and a handset will be available in the first quarter of 2011.

Joe Jasin took an audience survey of 47 people about which of the many OS’s which were the top 3 for the audience to develop on presently. I did not believe the the results, but maybe it was just the crowd:

Android 25
Symbian 3
Brew 0
Microsoft 6
MeeGo 6
Apple 8
Palm 3

Jasin also asked “If Facebook were to have an OS ready tomorrow would you develop on it?” The answer was a unanimous NO! He was surprised, and said, “Wow, now lets get the age demographic in the room.”

I would like to thank Joe Jasin for his contribution to this article.

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October 8, 2010 CTIA WCA LBS

On October 8, 2010 in San Francisco at Moscone West, WCA hosted a session at CTIA Enterprise & Applicationsâ„¢ entitled “What’s Hot About LBS?” Philip E. Hendrix of immr and GigaOM moderated panelists Lawrence Coburn of Double Dutch, Laura Diaz of Verizon Wireless, Ian Heidt of Qualcomm, Larry Magid of CBS, Eghosa Omoigui an independent venture capitalist, Sanjaya Krishna of KPMG, and Rob Reed of MomentFeed.

It is not clear what the next big app in Location Based Systems (LBS) will be. To add value to a customer experience it must enhance an existing behavior. Geotagging a picture might add value to a social network. The sensors are not yet accurate enough to track customers inside shopping areas to bring up ads in an augmented reality (AR).  Retailers can learn enough about clusters of customers to literally follow the herd and have products or services in their path. They want customers on Facebook and in their stores at the same time and only LBS can offer that.

I see privacy becoming a premium. The more money you have, the more invisible you can be. Despite the hype most people want their privacy and will want it back after it is violated. Most people will not have the time or be able to pay for opting out of LBS. If customers see no value in it, no business model can profit from it. It will take more than a coupon to get people adopt a service after a story about someone who does not want to be found is harmed. I think the next killer app will be to turn LBS off.

As for the larger CTIA event, attendance was light today. AT&T, Ericsson, Ford, Motorola and Samsung dominated the exhibition floor. A few Apple iPads were on display with the Samsung Galaxy. I saw Tony Sklar and and Ria Nielsen of bnetTV.com and other media interviewing new startups.

I wanted to mention Ford because it concerned me. Before there can be more mobile services in cars we will need auto-piloted vehicles. Hands-free operation phone does not mean the driver is paying full attention to the road.

There was an Android Bootcamp with experts like Kyle Sandler wearing green Android caps. I regret not covering a panel with mobile expert Joe Jasin, Stoyan Kenderov of Intuit, Rishi Mallik of Qik and Vidya Ravella of doubleTwist. At least I got a picture of them with David Cao of SVC Wireless.

There were also people protesting on the street outside about the dangers of cell phones. CTIA is counter-demonstrating by moving next year’s event to San Diego.

One thing I saw and wonder if anyone else at the event noticed it too. I saw many people on the street carrying more than one mobile device. Many had a phone and separate MP3 player. A few had a simple phone and were surfing WiFi with an iPad.

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Apr. 29, 2008 SDF Digital Media Quarterly

SDForum copy.jpgcannington-david-copy.jpgdeng-daniel-copy.jpgechtman-steve-copy.jpgfang-jay-copy.jpggalbi-david-copy.jpggruber-danny-copy.jpghansch-neal-copy.jpgheyert-mark-copy.jpghorning-richard-copy.jpgjasin-joe2-copy.jpgkeenan-mark-copy.jpgkemby-linda-copy.jpgkesler-john-copy.jpgkim-joseph-copy.jpglin-jonathan-copy.jpgliu-nan-copy.jpglynch-pat-copy.jpgpetersen-richard-copy.jpgramankutty-jayan-copy.jpgrhee-aran-copy.jpgries-eric-copy.jpgristig-roland-copy.jpgsahni-dimple-copy.jpgsawicki-todd-copy.jpgtowovic-miowir-copy.jpgyen-richard-copy.jpgzhang-jiang-copy.jpg

On April 29, 2008 at Fish & Richardson in Redwood City SDForum Mobile SIG hosted the Digital Media Quarterly to discuss business models, pitfalls, technology, and controlling content. Richard Horning of Fish & Richardson moderated a panel including Neal Hansch of Rustic Canyon, Eric Ries of IMVU, Todd Sawicki of Lookery, Richard Yen of Blueprint Ventures and Jian Zhang of Tradescape, Inc. Text from DJCline.com. Continue reading Apr. 29, 2008 SDF Digital Media Quarterly