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Dec. 5, 2013 SVForum Game On Technology And Sports

SVFlogo Alagappan Muthu Anderson Christine Bullard Ward Byrd Stephen Chang Tim Cuskelly Abel Diwan Rishi Ellicott Kyle Glenn Vern Gonzales Jon Greenfield Howard Hepler Lauren Holove Jef Hughes Tracy Joseph Jonathan Knox Anders Love Amy Malik Kunal Musuris Mike Packard Warren Rao Shailo

On December 5, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum held “Game On! Technology Meets Sports Conference.” Muthu Alagappan of Ayasdi gave the first keynote. Jon Gonzales of Procopio of introduced Kunal Malik of the San Francisco 49ers. Stephen Byrd of STATS talked about the rise of content and statistics. Lauren Hepler of Silicon Valley Business Journal moderated panelists Rishi Diwan of SAP, Gary McCoy of Catapult Sports, and Mike Musuris of Spinball Enterprises. Tracy Hughes of Silicon Valley Sports Ventures had a fireside chat with Tim Chang of Mayfield Fund and Jef Holove of Basis. Howard Greenfield of NXP Software moderated panelists Abel Cuskelly of Pogoseat, Kyle Ellicott of Wearable World, Jonathan Joseph of FantasyBrain and Shailo Rao of Beyond The Box. Phillip Kahn of Fullpower Technologies gave the third keynote. Jennifer Franklin of Comcast Sportsnet moderated panelists Ward Bullard of Google+, Anders Knox of GAGA Sports and Entertainment, Fortune 500 CEO Amy Love and Warren Packard of Thuuz Sports. Christine Anderson of Sportsvision gave the closing remarks.

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