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Jan. 11, 2015 Blumbers

Je Suis Charlie

Paris is a wonderful place. This week something terrible happened there.

There are many signs of tyranny or terrorism. One of them is the inability to take a joke. Another is attempting to control the creative process or access to information. For me there is a simple test. Can I go somewhere and not be harassed or intimidated? Can I bring a camera or any other device of my own choosing? Can I write a story about what I see without retribution? If I am not there, something is wrong, and it is not me.

Maybe you are someone in a position of power and someone makes fun of you. Honestly ask yourself, did they do a great job? Was it really funny or accurate? Was it a crudely drawn cartoon, a satirical novel or huge Hollywood movie? Back home, when somebody does a really great job ridiculing, we call it counting coup. It is calling truth to power.

There is a difference between terrorists and artists. When artists hit their target, people laugh. If you seek immortality, tell a great joke.

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