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Sep 11, 2013 SVForum Matt Haines Of IMP

SVFlogoHaines Matt

On September 11, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, SVForum Digital Media SIG Chair Bob Ketner introduced Matt Haines, the Developer Community Manager at Imp. Haines talked about how Imp can make designing “The Internet Of Things” easier. Imp wants to a hardware and software environment that removes all the headaches of creating a wireless device so companies can focus on features they do best.

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Jul. 10, 2013 SVForum Rapid Iteration Internet Of Things

SVFlogoMcAlvay Jeff

On July 10, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, SVForum’s Digital Media SIG hosted Jeff McAlvay, Tempo Automation’s Co-Founder and CEO’s presentation “Rapid Iteration for an Internet of Things.” McAlvay demonstrated a software application and a robot that can etch traces, apply solder paste, place components, reflow connections, and test a circuit board.

McAlvay said “Today, prototypes cost thousands of dollars (folks in the audience mentioned prototypes they had seen that cost $1500 and $8000).  In the future, prototypes will have a shorter iteration cycle, stay securely within the company’s walls, and be more affordable.”

IMG_4144DJClinecom IMG_4151DJClinecom IMG_4156DJClinecom IMG_4158DJClinecom IMG_4162DJClinecom IMG_4165DJClinecom IMG_4166DJClinecom IMG_4167DJClinecom IMG_4169DJClinecom IMG_4179DJClinecom IMG_4189DJClinecom IMG_4242DJClinecom IMG_4264DJClinecom IMG_4266DJClinecom IMG_4268DJClinecom

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