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Sep. 8, 2017 Amazon New HQ

CNN reported that Amazon was looking for a second headquarters. Nobody can afford to live in Seattle anymore so they need to look someplace else in North America. Amazon wants to hire 50,000 workers and pay them over $100,000 a year. NPR reported that the cities had to have at least a million people like Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Washington, D.C. I am not sure this is going to work. A few years ago Boeing moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago. It did not seem to a help people in either place. Employees kept flying back and forth in Boeing planes. Maybe Amazon employees will be carried back and forth by those little drones. IBM use to buy employee’s housing when they relocated. It worked well.

The solution might be to create more affordable housing in Seattle. It might be cheaper than moving. Wherever they move it will create the same kind of destructive real estate speculation that happened in Seattle.

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Jul. 11, 2017 Telework Not Working?

On Jul. 11, 2017 NPR’s Yuki Noguchi reported “Some Employers Are Rethinking Telework, Citing A Need For Better Collaboration” about some companies like Bank of America, Best Buy, IBM,  Reddit and Yahoo making more employees work onsite. Many endorse the Agile work method, where employees are all crammed into the same room until they solve a problem. Despite this counter trend the movement is toward remote work because not all the talent works in the same building, town or country. Goody Group’s Jay Friedman said “Being remote forced us to document more — so document decisions, document learning, training, etc. — and that actually reduced the amount of time and back-and-forth,” keeping everyone on the same page and on task, Friedman says.”

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Jun. 4, 2017 Blumbers


On Jun. 4, 2017 Muqbil Ahmar, Senior Editor and Technology Evangelist at Confidential reported “H1B visa reforms by Trump to blame? Jobs shift to USA as MNCs focus on local hires” about Infosys hiring 10,000 American citizens over the next two years. Other companies in India are laying off employees like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant and even IBM.

Meanwhile The Economic Times reported “US issues clarification on higher education H-1B exemption criteria.” The US Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS) can issue up to 65,000 H-1B visas a year. Until now, another 20,000 foreign students having masters or higher degree from a US institute of higher education are exempted. Leena R Kamat petitioned to employ an H-1B applicant who had earned his degree from the International Technological University (ITU), in California before the university obtained its pre-accreditation or accreditation status.  “In April, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order for tightening the rules of the H-1B visa programme to stop “visa abuses”.

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Nov. 18, 2013 STC Shawn Benham IBM

STCSVlogo3 Benham Shawn

On Monday, November 18, 2013 at the IHOP Restaurant in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Shawn Benham, the Information Development Program Director for the IBM Information Management Division.  Benham’s presentation was “The Road to IBM’s KnowledgeCenter – Changing and Deploying Content for a New Internet Portal.”

On Dec. 16, 2013 the STC Silicon Valley Schmooze will be held at Chevy’s at 2116 West El Camino Real in Mountain View starting at 6:00PM. Take the Rengstorff exit west off of U.S. Hwy 101 to the El Camino Real intersection.

IMG_0524DJClinecom IMG_0525DJClinecom IMG_0527DJClinecom IMG_0533DJClinecom IMG_0538DJClinecom IMG_0539DJClinecom IMG_0544DJClinecom IMG_0545DJClinecom IMG_0546DJClinecom IMG_0549DJClinecom IMG_0552DJClinecom

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Sep. 19, 2013 IBM Smart Camp

ibmlogo Alexander Josh 2 Apse Eric China John 2 Christman Michael Donny Lance 2 FanMunce Claudia copy Gorenberg Mark Gresty Michael 2 Hill Barry Loeprich Kurt LucasConwell Susan 9 copy Megill Scott 2 Magid Deborah Mishra VishPaolo Nina Porter Kelly Reichert Bill Shipley Chris Tam Ying 2 Winblad Ann

On September 19, 2013 in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum, IBM held their North America Regional SmartCamp “Looking for Entrepreneurs who want to Build a Smarter Planet!” Startups had access to venture capitalists, industry experts, press, entrepreneurial organizations, academics, marketing and technology experts. Winners go on to compete for IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year for 2013. Claudia Fan Munce, IBM Managing Director, Venture Capital Group and Vice President Corporate Strategy moderated panelists John China of Silicon Valley Bank, Mark Gorenberg of Hummer Winblad and Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures who talked about what they look for in startups. Phil Gilbert, General Manager, IBM Design gave the first keynote and Chris Shipley, CEO, Guidewire Labs gave the second. Eric Apse, Partner with IBM’s Venture Capital Group introduced the contestants Josh Alexander of Toopher, Michael Gresty of Rifiniti, Barry Hill of Connectem, Ying Tam of Mindful Scientific and the two winners Lance Donny of OnFarm Systems and Scott Megill of Coriell Life Sciences.

Also attending were Susan Lucas Conwell, Vish Mishra, Nina Paolo, Kelly Porter and Ann Winblad.

IMG_7927DJClinecom IMG_7976DJClinecom IMG_7977DJClinecom IMG_7983bDJClinecom IMG_7991DJClinecom IMG_8033DJClinecom IMG_8039DJClinecom IMG_8077DJClinecom IMG_8106DJClinecom IMG_8137DJClinecom IMG_8178DJClinecom IMG_8202DJClinecom IMG_8253DJClinecom IMG_8254DJClinecom IMG_8257DJClinecom IMG_8262DJClinecom IMG_8263DJClinecom IMG_8266DJClinecom

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Jul. 11, 2013 SVForum After CMOS

SVFlogoWelser Jeff

On July 11, 2013 in San Francisco at Nixon Peabody, the SVForum Emerging Tech SIG hosted Dr. Jeffrey J. Welser, Director, Almaden Services Research & Accelerated Discovery Lab at IBM’s presentation “When Scaling Hits The End Of The Road.” Moore’s Law talks about ever increasing computing power for less cost. Welser talked about the physical limits of increasing the performance per dollar in semiconductor chips by scaling the dimensions of the field-effect transistor (FET) in Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology. He then discussed newer logic devices, circuits and architecture that might be less volatile, use less power and easier to reconfigure.

IMG_4349DJClinecom IMG_4356DJClinecom

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May 26, 2011 STC Social Networking Lori Fisher

On May 26, 2011 at the Santa Clara IHOP, the STC Silicon Valley chapter hosted IBM Director of User Technology Lori Fisher’s  presentation “Integrating Social Networking Into Your Role As A Technical Communicator.” Fisher explained how social networks change how you work with fellow employees. She also showed how to start a conversation with your customers.

We also welcomed new member Iram Nawaz from Seattle.

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Apr. 28, 2011 STC Tim Bombosch

On April 28, 2011 at the Redwood City Chevy’s, the STC Silicon Valley chapter will host Tim Bombosch’s presentation “Managing Agile Documentation Projects.” Tim Bombosch has worked as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Becton-Dickinson, Beckman Coulter, Genentech, Iridex, Kaiser Permanente, Astoria Software, and Mindjet. He shared results from surveys and interviews with other documentation managers with experience in agile project management.

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Mar. 25, 2011 SDF Next Wave Analytics

On March 25, 2011 in Palo Alto at Stanford University, SDForum held “Analytics – The Next Wave.”  Basically the huge amount of data will force us to rethink how we analyze it and make decisions.

The first panel discussion was on  “New Sources of Data and Usage.” John Fraser of Accenture moderated panelists Ralph Clark of ShotSpotter, Zia Yusuf of Streetline and  Ilen Zazueta-Hall of Enphase Energy. The morning fireside chat was with Tom Peck of Levi Strauss and Sanjay Poonen of SAP. The second panel discussion was on “New Deployment and Data Architecture Models.” Eileen Boerger of Agilis Solutions moderated panelists Scott Burke of Yahoo, Anant Jhingran of IBM and Oliver Ratzesberger of eBay. Exhibitors attending were Agilis, Cloudera, IBM, Karmasphere and SAP.

The afternoon fireside chat was with Simon Khalaf of Flurry and Sharon Wienbar of Scale Venture Partners. The third panel discussion was on “The Investor Perspective.” Harold Yu of Orrick moderated panelists Asheem Chandna of Greylock Partners, Vispi Daver of Sierra Ventures and Lars Leckie of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Eric Peterson delivered the afternoon keynote on “Web Analytics Demystified.” The fourth panel discussion was on “Consumer Targeting.” Ted Shelton of Open-First moderated panelists Jim Dai of CalmSea, Phil Davis of RapLeaf, Josh McFarland of TellApart and Dennis Yu of BlitzLocal. Bill Schlough of the San Francisco Giants gave the closing keynote.

Note: Max Darby of BlitzLocal says that Dennis Yu is not affiliated with Webtrends.

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Sept. 21, 2010 SDF Analytics: SQL or NoSQL

On September 21, 2010 in Palo Alto at SAP, the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG hosted SenSage‘s Richard Taylor presentation “Analytics: SQL or NoSQL.” From his early days at Cambridge, Taylor’s research projects in parallel and distributed computing for DEC, Data-Cache, RedBrick Systems, Informix, and IBM are well known to experts in the business intelligence community. That is why the room was packed when he chose to talk about the new challenge to relational databases called the NoSQL movement.

Started as SEQUEL in 1974, it evolved into SQL. Adopted by Oracle, it became the standard for relational databases using schema, multi-version concurrency control, isolation levels and analytics extensions to deal with the complexity of structured data. The relational model created a world of normalized data in rows and columns with tables selected, projected or joined using primary or foreign keys. It had handled transaction processing very well but complicated cases became repetitive. Scaling was difficult.

By 2000, the rise of unstructured data on the web created new levels of complexity and the need for a new approach. Coined by Eric Evans in June of 2009, the NoSQL movement is seen in the development of Google’s Big Table, Amazon’s Dynamo and Facebook’s Cassandra. All of these used a tuple, one table consisting of a structured key with a column timestamp and an unstructured value. The two functions were map and reduce. Map input a tuple and output a list of tuples. Reduce input a key and list of values then output a list or tuple. You specified clusters, input and tuple stores as the framework did the rest. While there is no need to normalize large amounts of semi-structured data and it is cheaper to implement, it still requires some programming ability. There is no guidance from schema or model for historical data.

Taylor gave examples of how SQL and NoSQL would handle the same problems. Each had its advantages and disadvantages. I urge you to read Taylor’s work and listen to him speak on this subject.

Frankly, I would still want an experienced database developer with a strong background in SQL to deal with NoSQL because only they would be able sense when something was wrong. Big data is no place for amateurs.

Note: A delegation from Peru was in the audience. Picture below.

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Sept. 9, 2010 SDF IBM SmartCamp

On September 9, 2010 in Menlo Park, SDForum was a sponsor to IBM SmartCamp! This is the sixth event bringing entrepreneurs, investors and mentors together to build a smarter planet. Claudia Fan Munce, VP of IBM’s Venture Capital Group, introduced Gerald Mooney, GM for IBM’s Public Sector, who talked about “Smarter Cities for a Smarter Planet.”

Deborah Magid, Director of IBM’s Venture Capital Group explained how the finalists qualified for SmartCamp. The panel of judges consisted of Susan Lucas Conwell of SDForum, Curtis Mo of DLA Piper, Gerald Mooney and Ann Winblad. The finalists were Kyle Brinkman and Jason Kiesel of CitySourced, Neil Helfrich of iFind Systems, Zia Yusuf of Streetline, Shahram Javey of Aquacue and Albert Santalo CareCloud. The judges chose two winners: CareCloud and Streetline.

Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad presentation was “From Start to Finish: Building a High Performance Company.” She advised startups working with IBM to be patient but persistent when working with IBM.

Mark Hanny, VP of IBM ISV and Developer Relations made the closing remarks.

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Jun. 8, 2010 SDForum Health IT

On June 8, 2010 in Palo Alto at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, SDForum and IBM partnered “The Healthcare IT Symposium: The Role of Technology Innovation in Healthcare.” The event focused on the challenges the health care industry’s IT infrastructure response to new regulations and the Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

Deborah Magid introduced fellow IBMer Lonne Jaffe who gave the opening keynote “Enabling Technologies for Healthcare Transformation.”

Gerry Hinkley of Pillsbury Winthrop moderated panelists Linda Drumright of DecisionView, Ryan Howard of Practice Fusion, Ron Jimenez of Santa Clara Health and Hospital System, Dr. Wayne Pan of SciMed Partners and Marco Smit of Health 2.0 Advisors. They discussed information technology in health care’s challenges of preserving patient privacy and meeting regulatory requirements.

Adam Bosworth of Keas gave a contrary view in his keynote “Innovating in Healthcare – The Emperor Has No Clothes.” All the technology and regulation in the world will not improve the health of patients in less there are incentives to everyone in the system to prevent long term disease. He mentioned Mint.com’s software as an example of how patient’s can manage their health.

Philip Korn of TriNet moderated panelists Brian Ascher of Venrock, Jeff Calcagno of Scale Venture Partners and Dr. Louis G. Lange of Asset Management. They discussed the venture landscape and where they are investing in healthcare IT.

Jaap Suermondt of Hewlett-Packard gave the final keynote about the crisis approaching and how we might deal with it.

I recommend James Downey’s article on this event:


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Apr. 9, 2010 SDF Analytics Revolution

SDF logo2009 copyAwadallah Amr copyBishop Stacey copyChandna Asheem copyCheng Jie copyDaver Vispi copyEfrusy Kevin copyFarago Peter copyHall Martin copyJain Sumeet copyKlahr Josh 2 copyKohavi Ronny copyKreulen Jeff copyLeckie Lars copyLewin Danl copyMcLaughlin Thomas copyMinich Jeff copyNorvig Peter copyPatil DJ copyPhillips James 2 copyPoonen Sanjay copyRudin Ken copySaundaresan Neel copySenSarma Joydeep copySteier David copySuermondt Jaap copyThomas Owen copyVenugopal Anand copyWeil Kevin 2 copy

On Friday April 9, 2010 in Mountain View at the Microsoft Auditorium SDForum held “The Analytics Revolution Conference.” The fact that you can now do large-scale analytics changes the way you model and run your company. Text from DJCline.com

Dan’l Lewin of Microsoft did the welcome and introduced the opening keynote speaker Ronny Kohavi of Microsoft formerly of Amazon. Kohavi presentation “Online Controlled Experiments: Listening to the Customers, not to the HiPPO.” The Highest Paid Person in an Organization is a HiPPO and while they may sign the paychecks, it is the customer that sends him the money. If you don’t properly analyze the data you will miss important cues that drive more sales. Ask what you are optimizing for.

David Steier of PricewaterhouseCoopers moderated panelists DJ Patil of LinkedIn, Ken Rudin of  Zynga, Neel Sundaresen of Ebay and Kevin Weil of Twitter. They discussed Competing on Analytics at the Highest Level.” The demand for professionals with solid database development is increasing. Look for people with experience in Oracle data warehousing, SQL, Cloudera, Vertica, Tableau, Hadoop, Pig and Memcache D. Start budgeting and being very nice to the database people you hire.

Sanjay Poonen of SAP gave the second keynote presentation “Leading the Analytics Revolution.” You can now do analytics from mobile devices like the iPhone using SAP apps.

Owen Thomas of VentureBeat moderated panelists Amr Awadalla of Cloudera, Joshua Klahr of Yahoo, James Phillips of Northscale and Joydeep Sen Sarma of Facebook. They discussed “Analyzing Big Data.” Cloud computing frees you from poorly structured datasets tied to old hardware. Learn Hadoop and MapReduce to process big data, awesome data and stupendous amounts of data.

Before and during lunch there were short pitches from exhibitors and startups like Karmasphere, Accept Software, Agilis Solutions, Aster Data, CTPartners, Dyyno, Execustaff, IBM, KXEN, Medallia and MergerTech.

Peter Norvig of Google gave the third keynote presentation “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data.” Believe it or not, more data means better results. The closer two points are to each other, the more likely they might share the same characteristics. The original picture of Mona Lisa will be at the center of a cluster.

Brett Sheppard of BigDataNews.com moderated panelists Jie Cheng ofAcxiom, Vispi Daver of Sierra Ventures, Peter Farago of Flurry, Tom McLaughlin of Accept Software and Jeff Minich of CalmSea. They discussed “New Frontiers for Analytics.” The breakthroughs in analytics are speeding up business cycles.

Jeff Kreulen of  IBM gave the fourth keynote presentation “Analytics: An Applied Researcher’s Perspective”

Harold Yu, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP moderated panelists Stacey Curry Bishop of Scale Ventures, Asheem Chandna of Greylock, Kevin Efrusy of Accel, Sumeet Jain of CMEA and Lars Leckie of Hummer Winblad. They discussed “The Investor Perspective.” They don’t want invest in anything that will quickly become a generic commodity. Companies want more than a small incremental lift. They want analytics to give them a dramatic change in the way they do business.

Jaap Suermondt of HP Labs gave the fourth keynote presentation “Research in Analytics for Operational Impact at HP.” A commitment to R&D at HP is producing clear improvements to everyday operations.

IMG_7285DJClinecom copy04-09-10 crowd1 copy04-09-10 crowd2 copy04-09-10 panel1 copy04-09-10 panel2 copy04-09-10 panel3 copy04-09-10 panel4 copyIMG_7363Karmasphere copyIMG_7268Accept copyIMG_7270Agilis copyIMG_7279Aster copyIMG_7422KXED copyIMG_7271DJClinecom copyIMG_7272DJClinecom copyIMG_7274DJClinecom copyIMG_7276DJClinecom copyIMG_7278DJClinecom copyIMG_7280DJClinecom copyIMG_7282DJClinecom copyIMG_7281DJClinecom copyIMG_7288DJClinecom copyIMG_7284DJClinecom copyIMG_7291DJClinecom copyIMG_7292DJClinecom copyIMG_7293DJClinecom copyIMG_7294DJClinecom copyIMG_7399DJClinecom copyIMG_7403DJClinecom copyIMG_7419DJClinecom copyIMG_7420DJClinecom copyIMG_7424DJClinecom copyIMG_7426DJClinecom copyIMG_7431DJClinecom copyIMG_7457DJClinecom copyIMG_7462DJClinecom copyIMG_7463DJClinecom copy

Video of the conference can be seen at:


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Mar. 15, 2010 SDF IBM Enterprise Ireland

SDF logo2009 copyCowen Brian 2 copyDrumgoole Joe copyFanMunce Claudia copyKeane Enda copyLucasConwell Susan 2 copyMagid Deborah 2 copyMcCarville Marc copy

On Monday, March 15th 2010 in Santa Clara, SDForum, IBM and Enterprise Ireland held the Smartcamp Silicon Valley Launch event and executive luncheon with Ireland’s Prime Minister Brian Cowen. Three winning startup companies were presented by SDForum’s Susan Lucas-Conwell as well as IBM’s Claudia Fan Munce and Deborah Magid. Enda Keane of Treemetrics developed 3D laser scanning technology to more efficiently manage forests. Marc McCarville of Green Diamond Technologies developed wireless technology to monitor recyclable waste and efficiently reduce costs. Joe Drumgoole of Cloudsplit developed a technology for companies to track the cost of cloud computing in real time. There will be more pictures of the luncheon tomorrow, but until then….Text from DJCline.com

IMG_6417 DJClinecom copyIMG_6418 DJClinecom copyIMG_6420 DJClinecom copyIMG_6422 DJClinecom copyIMG_6427 DJClinecom copyIMG_6429 DJClinecom copyIMG_6434 DJClinecom copyIMG_6435 DJClinecom copyIMG_6436 DJClinecom copyIMG_6439 DJClinecom copyIMG_6443 DJClinecom copyIMG_6444 DJClinecom copyIMG_6451 DJClinecom copyIMG_6453 DJClinecom copyIMG_6454 DJClinecom copyIMG_6455 DJClinecom copyIMG_6457 DJClinecom copyIMG_6458 DJClinecom copyIMG_6467 DJClinecom copyIMG_6468 DJClinecom copyIMG_6478 DJClinecom copyIMG_6533 DJClinecom copyIMG_6534 DJClinecom copyIMG_6538 DJClinecom copyIMG_6542 DJClinecom copyIMG_6543 DJClinecom copyIMG_6547 DJClinecom copyIMG_6550 DJClinecom copyIMG_6556 DJClinecom copyIMG_6570 DJClinecom copyIMG_6573 DJClinecom copyIMG_6577 DJClinecom copyIMG_6580 DJClinecom copyIMG_6590 DJClinecom copyIMG_6592 DJClinecom copyIMG_6594 DJClinecom copyIMG_6595 DJClinecom copyIMG_6597 DJClinecom copyIMG_6600 DJClinecom copyIMG_6604 DJClinecom copyIMG_6606 DJClinecom copyIMG_6609 DJClinecom copyIMG_6612 DJClinecom copyIMG_6618 DJClinecom copyIMG_6620 DJClinecom copyIMG_6621 DJClinecom copyIMG_6622 DJClinecom copyIMG_6626 DJClinecom copyIMG_6628 DJClinecom copyIMG_6635_DJClinecom copyIMG_6645 DJClinecom copyIMG_6636 DJClinecom copyIMG_6652 DJClinecom copy

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Sept. 18, 2009 SDF Innovation and Corporate Research Fair

SDF logo2009 copyAlston Gene copyBaker Jena copyBengston Steve copyBernard Michael copyCardozo Denyse copyChamberlain Sheryl copyChen Glenn copyChen Roger copyChio HinChi copyClark Don copyCorcoran Elizabeth copyCottel Bradford copyCousins Richard copyDavidovits Andres copyFelsenstein Lee 2 copyFiriedrich Rich copyFox Paul copyGalbi David copyGanapati Priya copyGarge Sumit copyGetz Gary copyGordon Francine copyHaas Jaqueline copyHarrison Suzanne copyHiles Heather copyJamthe Sudha copyKaldenbaugh Jake copyKlemme Laura copyKorn Philip copyKuo Cynthia copyLaurie Don copyLiew Ken copyMagid Deborah copyMalviya Pankaj copyMarks Richard copyNevalainen Miika copyPerkins Melissa copyPetronelli Paul copyRadcliffe Mark copySchweizer David copyShah Prashant copyShen John copySlagle Bill copySloan Robert copySmith David copySrinivasan Raja copyTan Sean copyThronson Bob copyValencia Earl copyVorse Bri copyWeisner Shavon copyWoody Alex copyWoung Lillian copyZhou Daniel copy

On September 18, 2009 in Santa Clara at Techmart, SDForum held the Second Annual Open Innovation and Corporate Research Fair: “Innovating in a Down Economy”. Silicon Valley’s leading high-tech corporations, including EMC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Nokia and PayPal shared their thoughts, insights and best practices on how not only to survive, but to identify market share and growth opportunities. Learn how industry leaders innovate and how to partner with them.

Keynote Speakers included Gene Alston of PayPal, Sheryl Chamberlain of EMC, Elizabeth “Betsy” Corcoran of Forbes.com, Rich Friedrich of Hewlett-Packard, Deborah Magid of IBM and John Shen of Nokia Research Center.

Mark F. Radcliffe of DLA Piper moderated panelists Don Clark of NEC, Gary Getz of Strategos, Suzanne Harrison of Gathering2.0, Ron S. Laurie of Inflexion Point Group and David Smith of Tynax. The topic was”Open Innovation in Practice”.

Priya Ganapati of Wired Digital gave the closing summary on the need for basic research.

In the afternoon there were technology exhibitions by the participating companies like Dojo House, Huawei, LongJump, Nokia, PayPal, rrripple, and Zeus.

09-18-09 TechMart copy09-18-09 crowd2 copy09-18-09 panel1 copy09-18-09 DoJo1 copy09-18-09 Huawei1 copy09-18-09 LongJump1 copy09-18-09 Nokia1 copy09-18-09 PayPal1 copy09-18-09 Rrripple1 copy09-18-09 Rrripple2 copy09-18-09 Rrripple3 copy09-18-09 zeus1 copy

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Feb. 27, 2009 SDF Colombia

SDForum copy.jpgcolumbialogo.jpgcrawford-solana-copy.jpgderusso-john-copy.jpgechavarria-jaime-copy.jpgenusosmith-olea-copy.jpgarmstrong-tom-copy.jpgayala-orlando-copy.jpgbaradello-carlos-copy.jpgblanc-jose-copy.jpgcastiblanco-miguel-copy.jpggersich-brad-copy.jpgglickman-matt-copy.jpghubele-kendrick-copy.jpgjiminez-juancarlos-copy.jpgklein-thomas-copy.jpgmarino-carolina-copy.jpgmeeker-heather-copy.jpgmezak-steve-copy.jpgmontes-jose-copy.jpgmorein-dave-copy.jpgquijano-maria-copy.jpgramirez-maga-copy.jpgramos-andreas-copy.jpgreichart-walter-copy.jpgrosales-luis-copy.jpgsantos-francisco-copy.jpgvelazquez-mauricio-copy.jpgtijiboy-walter-copy.jpgwhite-mark-copy.jpg

On February 27, 2009 at the Four Seasons in East Palo Alto, SDForum and the Colombian Government Trade Bureau presented how and why companies can outsource their IT to Colombia. Text from DJCline.com Continue reading Feb. 27, 2009 SDF Colombia

Jan. 30, 2009 SDF Clean Energy Entrepreneur’s Conference

SDForum copy.jpgalderman-eric-copy.jpgaune-glenda-copy.jpgbaek-marshall-copy.jpgbahl-sudarshan-copy.jpgbalkum-tom-copy.jpgbapat-subodh-copy.jpgbarley-kjerstin-copy.jpgbasleezenberg-pieter-copy.jpgbieser-steve-copy.jpgboland-phil-copy.jpgcarbone-rosemarie-copy.jpgcartheron-roselyne-copy.jpgchanak-sylvia-copy.jpgchuang-tc-copy.jpgconlin-john-copy.jpgcoop-mike-copy.jpgcraig-herb-copy.jpgdoleman-larry-copy.jpgdonovan-cynthia-copy.jpgdunckel-bill-copy.jpgeichenlaub-steve-copy.jpgerrigo-don-copy.jpgfalconer-quentin-copy.jpgfeldhusen-annemaries-copy.jpgfitzgerald-barry-copy.jpgfoster-donnie-copy.jpgfrijsmadsen-ole-copy.jpgfurnary-kevin-copy.jpggage-deborah-copy.jpggalbi-david-copy.jpgghanbari-abe-copy.jpggiberson-don-copy.jpggluhan-wayne-copy.jpggolden-matt-copy.jpggovil-shivani-copy.jpggraf-peter-copy.jpggray-bill-copy.jpghandley-brian-copy.jpgharwood-penny-copy.jpgheld-lindsey-copy.jpghertzog-christine-copy.jpghiggins-jane-copy.jpgholmes-cindy-copy.jpgholroyd-linda-copy.jpghoriuchiforrester-sophie-copy.jpghutchings-michael-copy.jpgjacobs-pam-copy.jpgjakoby-omar-copy.jpgjohnson-james-2-copy.jpgkumar-mohan-copy.jpglankford-dan-copy.jpglarsen-charlotte-copy.jpglecar-matt-copy.jpglechner-rich-copy.jpglenail-ben-copy.jpgletuan-phac-copy.jpgmaniyam-sujee-copy.jpgmartinelli-merc-copy.jpgmcclelland-carol-copy.jpgmcfarlane-jennifer-copy.jpgmclane-lorraine-copy.jpgmcmahon-marty-copy.jpgmoorhead-wayne-copy.jpgnguyenphuong-hong-copy.jpgnia-hadi-copy.jpgnussel-barbara-copy.jpgoura-kyle-copy.jpgpeery-brad-copy.jpgpfund-nancy-copy.jpgpineau-christian-copy.jpgportilla-alex-copy.jpgprentiss-tracy-copy.jpgraghuram-usha-copy.jpgrankin-sarah-copy.jpgreddy-sudha-copy.jpgreed-chuck-copy.jpgrichter-melinda-copy.jpgruckstuhl-ann-copy.jpgryan-tiffany-copy.jpgsaleh-fatimah-copy.jpgsalvioni-emilio-copy.jpgsayle-bob-copy.jpgschwartz-keith-copy.jpgshapiro-max-copy.jpgskinner-doug-copy.jpgskinner-john-copy.jpgslomiak-mitchell-copy.jpgsnyder-david-copy.jpgsong-brian-copy.jpgsteihr-dave-copy.jpgsuh-john-copy.jpgtung-julia-copy.jpgvalotta-roberto-copy.jpgvarney-victor-copy.jpgwcislo-paul-copy.jpgweerakoon-ru-copy.jpgwilliams-erika-copy.jpgwind-eva-copy.jpgwolf-jason-copy.jpgyelton-chris-copy.jpgyoler-laurie-copy.jpgyu-pr-copy.jpg
On January 30, 2009 at Sun Microsystems in Santa Clara SDForum and FountainBlue hosted “State of the Clean Green Industry”. Continue reading Jan. 30, 2009 SDF Clean Energy Entrepreneur’s Conference

Jan. 15, 2009 SDF Australia

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On January 15, 2009 at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, SDForum and Austrade held the third annual “Australian Innovation – A Shoot Out”. Continue reading Jan. 15, 2009 SDF Australia

Oct. 15, 2008 SDF Digital Media

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On October 14, 2008 in Redwood City at Fish & Richardson hosted SDForum’s Digital Media Quarterly Series. There are over 3 billion mobile phones in the world. It is a more popular media device than computers or game consoles. Media companies are looking for ways to get applications and content to this potential market.

Mike Doran of Fish & Richardson moderated panelists Etay Gafni of Veodia, Beau Laskey of Steamboat Ventures and Louisa Shipnuck of IBM. They discussed the trends in mobile media investment. Text from DJCline.com.

Shipnuck said there are three categories of consumers. Early adopters drive the trends. These “gadgeteers” are the most sought after consumers but the most difficult to hang on to. While they are quick to buy they are quick to discard if the product poses any problems. “Cool kids” have more time than money and tend to follow the early adopters. Behind them are the “massive passives” that are still watching television at home. The Apple iPhone and Facebook are indicators of greater changes in generational consumer behavior to come. There is limit on change. She sees carriers and having a lock on mobile devices for the foreseeable future unless there is some regulatory upheaval. Text from DJCline.com.

Laskey said digital media is crowded with companies that are not profitable. YouTube is still not making money. Companies that offer real time video streaming or picture uploading paid with advertisements hold promise. He had a funny story about generational differences. He took his son and friends to a baseball game and they sat in the stands watching cartoons on their phones. Online games have low costs and generate income. Text from DJCline.com.

This market is currently creating over three billion dollars in revenue and will soon double. There will be more content and ads developed specifically for mobile devices. Ease of use and universal reception on fast networks will be drive demand. Creating barriers like DRM or proprietary carrier networks will slow adoption. The winners may be whoever attracts the most developers creating the most content on open standards. Text from DJCline.com.

Providing timely and relevant content will determine what they will use. If a consumer is at an airport, are they waiting for the next flight and killing time? Are they rushing from one plane to another and urgently want to know if their connecting flight is on time? The first may download a movie; the second just wants flight information. Text from DJCline.com.

Gafni advised developers to recognize the limits of mobile devices. Don’t try to cram a laptop or desktop experience on to a small piece of real estate. Remember that slow networks and caching will affect any flashy graphics. A simple flexible experience will attract users. Content is king. Technology just figures out a way to deliver it. WiFi holds great promise around the carrier network barriers but a device should be able to switch to whatever network are available. Text from DJCline.com.

Doran talked about how early television shows were simply radio shows in front of a camera. Most current mobile content is poor quality adapted from larger formats. New media means content tailored for the mobile device. The mobile specific content tends to have close ups of faces and runs only a minute versus an hour. He prefers having searchable text than a video but that is not the direction things are going. Text from DJCline.com.

Mobile SIG chair Joe Jasin encouraged the audience to look beyond America’s slow networks and slower adoption rates to the three billion cell phone customers around the world. These are growing markets hungry for new services and content. Screen size does not matter. Personal payment systems need to be rolled out. Korea, Japan, China, India and Israel are developing infrastructure faster than the United States. Stop complaining and start innovating. Start building infrastructure and standards now. The mobile market is a global market. Think billions, not millions. Text from DJCline.com.

Note: Bain Capital in Boston December 8, 2015.

Here are some pictures from the event.


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Oct. 1, 2008 SDF Cloud Computing 2

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On October 1, 2008 at TechMart in Santa Clara, SDF hosted
“Cloud Computing and Beyond: The Web Grows up (finally)”. Several industry leaders and startups discussed the future of creating and running applications on the web and accessed by a local device. Will they be cheaper or even free compared to desktop or mainstream IT software? If enough people adopt it does it become “mainstream”?Text from DJCline.com Continue reading Oct. 1, 2008 SDF Cloud Computing 2

June 26, 2008 STC DITA

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On Thursday June 26, 2008 at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter held a panel on DITA. Andrea Ames of IBM moderated a panel consisting of Fair-Isaac’s Tom Goering, MaxiScales’s Joanne Grey, IBM’s Carolyn Inkster and NetApp’s Martha Morgan. They shared their experiences in planning, preparing and implementing DITA projects as a huge undertaking or as a single-handed effort. Text from DJCline.com. Continue reading June 26, 2008 STC DITA