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Mar. 5, 2017 Blumbers

How To Lose An Investor

The CEO of a online taxicab company was confronted by one of his drivers about low pay and lost investment. The CEO arrogantly told the driver that unsuccessful people like to blame successful people for their own failure. The CEO basically called the driver a loser for trusting him. There is an old saying that the fish rots from the head down. Here is another story where a dysfunctional company was stopped before it got too big.

A CEO of a startup needed money. He had never held a job, just private education up to the age of 26. One of his venture capitalists told him that he knew someone who might invest if he could visit the startup’s new offices. The next day the CEO ordered new furniture and the delivery truck parked in the disabled parking space to unload. An old man approached the CEO and asked him to move the truck so he could use the disabled parking space. The CEO said no, besides, his company was not going to be hiring any disabled people. The old man was the potential investor. The CEO never got the money. The startup failed.

The message is simple. If you find a company that mistreats investors, employees and customers, avoid them.

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