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Nov. 3, 2014 The New Yorker

On Nov. 3, 2014 The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki wrote “Le Divorce” about when mergers become divergers. Hewlett-Packard is spinning off Symantec, Symantec is spinning off Veritas and eBay is spinning off PayPal. One effect is that high performing employees get more money.

Jess Row wrote a short story called “The Empties” about a woman surviving an apocalypse in Vermont.

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Apr. 28, 2011 STC Tim Bombosch

On April 28, 2011 at the Redwood City Chevy’s, the STC Silicon Valley chapter will host Tim Bombosch’s presentation “Managing Agile Documentation Projects.” Tim Bombosch has worked as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Becton-Dickinson, Beckman Coulter, Genentech, Iridex, Kaiser Permanente, Astoria Software, and Mindjet. He shared results from surveys and interviews with other documentation managers with experience in agile project management.

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Nov. 10, 2009 SVEC Open House

SVEC logoBrahmbhatt Dhaval copyElkus Richard copyEngelhardt Elise 2 copyGreen Tony copyIdnani Chandra copyJew Jack copyKaminski Ed copyKang Steve 2 copyKowalchik John copyLouis Joseph copyMasso Nick copyMoody Joanne copyMurthy KRS faceMyers Stanley copyOprica Dan copyRomanoff Jeannie copyShah Manesh copyTitle Alan copyWidrow Bernard copyWilliams Stanley copyWright Michael copy

On November 10, 2009 in San Jose at SEMI Global Headquarters, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) held its 2oth Anniversary Open House. The keynote speaker was Dr. Stanley Williams, Sr. HP Fellow, Director of Information & Quantum Research Laboratory, Hewlett Packard Corporation who talked about the amazing storage possibilities of memristors.  San Jose Oak Grove High School EagleBot Teacher and Mentor Jeannie Romanoff was honored for her work encouraging students in math and science. Mr. Richard Elkus and Dr. Alan M. Title will be inducted into the SVEC Hall of Fame on February 18, 2010 at the Silicon Valley Engineers Banquet.

I’m working on more of the pictures. There are a lot of them!

IMG_3419 copy11-10-09 crowd copyIMG_3428 copyIMG_3435 copyIMG_3551 copyIMG_3421 copyIMG_3472 copyIMG_3475 copyIMG_3477 copyIMG_3482 copyIMG_3490 copyIMG_3541 copy

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Sept. 18, 2009 SDF Innovation and Corporate Research Fair

SDF logo2009 copyAlston Gene copyBaker Jena copyBengston Steve copyBernard Michael copyCardozo Denyse copyChamberlain Sheryl copyChen Glenn copyChen Roger copyChio HinChi copyClark Don copyCorcoran Elizabeth copyCottel Bradford copyCousins Richard copyDavidovits Andres copyFelsenstein Lee 2 copyFiriedrich Rich copyFox Paul copyGalbi David copyGanapati Priya copyGarge Sumit copyGetz Gary copyGordon Francine copyHaas Jaqueline copyHarrison Suzanne copyHiles Heather copyJamthe Sudha copyKaldenbaugh Jake copyKlemme Laura copyKorn Philip copyKuo Cynthia copyLaurie Don copyLiew Ken copyMagid Deborah copyMalviya Pankaj copyMarks Richard copyNevalainen Miika copyPerkins Melissa copyPetronelli Paul copyRadcliffe Mark copySchweizer David copyShah Prashant copyShen John copySlagle Bill copySloan Robert copySmith David copySrinivasan Raja copyTan Sean copyThronson Bob copyValencia Earl copyVorse Bri copyWeisner Shavon copyWoody Alex copyWoung Lillian copyZhou Daniel copy

On September 18, 2009 in Santa Clara at Techmart, SDForum held the Second Annual Open Innovation and Corporate Research Fair: “Innovating in a Down Economy”. Silicon Valley’s leading high-tech corporations, including EMC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Nokia and PayPal shared their thoughts, insights and best practices on how not only to survive, but to identify market share and growth opportunities. Learn how industry leaders innovate and how to partner with them.

Keynote Speakers included Gene Alston of PayPal, Sheryl Chamberlain of EMC, Elizabeth “Betsy” Corcoran of Forbes.com, Rich Friedrich of Hewlett-Packard, Deborah Magid of IBM and John Shen of Nokia Research Center.

Mark F. Radcliffe of DLA Piper moderated panelists Don Clark of NEC, Gary Getz of Strategos, Suzanne Harrison of Gathering2.0, Ron S. Laurie of Inflexion Point Group and David Smith of Tynax. The topic was”Open Innovation in Practice”.

Priya Ganapati of Wired Digital gave the closing summary on the need for basic research.

In the afternoon there were technology exhibitions by the participating companies like Dojo House, Huawei, LongJump, Nokia, PayPal, rrripple, and Zeus.

09-18-09 TechMart copy09-18-09 crowd2 copy09-18-09 panel1 copy09-18-09 DoJo1 copy09-18-09 Huawei1 copy09-18-09 LongJump1 copy09-18-09 Nokia1 copy09-18-09 PayPal1 copy09-18-09 Rrripple1 copy09-18-09 Rrripple2 copy09-18-09 Rrripple3 copy09-18-09 zeus1 copy

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Aug. 6, 2009 SDF Green Enterprise

SDF logo2009 copyBeardsworth Edward copyBoslet Mark copyCrandell Christine copyDenusek Matthew copyErickson Chris copyFarinacci Chris copyFarmaian Mandy copyFeldhusen AnneMarie copyFlammini Elizabeth copyGirrbach Claudia copyGoncher Brian copyHailey John copyHolmes James copyHolmes Kevin copyHughes Trevor copyJarrat David copyJones Chuck copyKelly Pat copyKuentz Stefan copyMcLaughlin Cynthia copyMcMaster Mark copyMeda Karthik copyNoland Peter copyRissanen Jason copyRosberg Mary copyStandley Laurel copyWilliams Amrit copyWooten Mira copyWu Julianne copyZuklie Mitchell copy

On August 6, 2009 in Menlo Park at the Orrick campus, SDForum held the third Green and Clean Evening session on “Where is the Enterprise Going Green?” Matt Denesuk of IBM Venture Capital Group, Chris Erickson of ClimateEarth, Chris Farinacci of Hara Software, Anne Marie Feldhusen of Hewlett-Packard, John Hailey of Cisco, and Amrit Williams of BigFix. Text stolen from DJ Cline

Enterprise in hard times are pressed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The panel gave examples on how going green can help do both. They also talked about the challenges and opportunities that can lead to profitability for those who know where to look.

08-06-09 crowd copy08-06-09 panel copyKellyEricksonGoncher copyKuentzWu copy

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Jan. 30, 2009 SDF Clean Energy Entrepreneur’s Conference

SDForum copy.jpgalderman-eric-copy.jpgaune-glenda-copy.jpgbaek-marshall-copy.jpgbahl-sudarshan-copy.jpgbalkum-tom-copy.jpgbapat-subodh-copy.jpgbarley-kjerstin-copy.jpgbasleezenberg-pieter-copy.jpgbieser-steve-copy.jpgboland-phil-copy.jpgcarbone-rosemarie-copy.jpgcartheron-roselyne-copy.jpgchanak-sylvia-copy.jpgchuang-tc-copy.jpgconlin-john-copy.jpgcoop-mike-copy.jpgcraig-herb-copy.jpgdoleman-larry-copy.jpgdonovan-cynthia-copy.jpgdunckel-bill-copy.jpgeichenlaub-steve-copy.jpgerrigo-don-copy.jpgfalconer-quentin-copy.jpgfeldhusen-annemaries-copy.jpgfitzgerald-barry-copy.jpgfoster-donnie-copy.jpgfrijsmadsen-ole-copy.jpgfurnary-kevin-copy.jpggage-deborah-copy.jpggalbi-david-copy.jpgghanbari-abe-copy.jpggiberson-don-copy.jpggluhan-wayne-copy.jpggolden-matt-copy.jpggovil-shivani-copy.jpggraf-peter-copy.jpggray-bill-copy.jpghandley-brian-copy.jpgharwood-penny-copy.jpgheld-lindsey-copy.jpghertzog-christine-copy.jpghiggins-jane-copy.jpgholmes-cindy-copy.jpgholroyd-linda-copy.jpghoriuchiforrester-sophie-copy.jpghutchings-michael-copy.jpgjacobs-pam-copy.jpgjakoby-omar-copy.jpgjohnson-james-2-copy.jpgkumar-mohan-copy.jpglankford-dan-copy.jpglarsen-charlotte-copy.jpglecar-matt-copy.jpglechner-rich-copy.jpglenail-ben-copy.jpgletuan-phac-copy.jpgmaniyam-sujee-copy.jpgmartinelli-merc-copy.jpgmcclelland-carol-copy.jpgmcfarlane-jennifer-copy.jpgmclane-lorraine-copy.jpgmcmahon-marty-copy.jpgmoorhead-wayne-copy.jpgnguyenphuong-hong-copy.jpgnia-hadi-copy.jpgnussel-barbara-copy.jpgoura-kyle-copy.jpgpeery-brad-copy.jpgpfund-nancy-copy.jpgpineau-christian-copy.jpgportilla-alex-copy.jpgprentiss-tracy-copy.jpgraghuram-usha-copy.jpgrankin-sarah-copy.jpgreddy-sudha-copy.jpgreed-chuck-copy.jpgrichter-melinda-copy.jpgruckstuhl-ann-copy.jpgryan-tiffany-copy.jpgsaleh-fatimah-copy.jpgsalvioni-emilio-copy.jpgsayle-bob-copy.jpgschwartz-keith-copy.jpgshapiro-max-copy.jpgskinner-doug-copy.jpgskinner-john-copy.jpgslomiak-mitchell-copy.jpgsnyder-david-copy.jpgsong-brian-copy.jpgsteihr-dave-copy.jpgsuh-john-copy.jpgtung-julia-copy.jpgvalotta-roberto-copy.jpgvarney-victor-copy.jpgwcislo-paul-copy.jpgweerakoon-ru-copy.jpgwilliams-erika-copy.jpgwind-eva-copy.jpgwolf-jason-copy.jpgyelton-chris-copy.jpgyoler-laurie-copy.jpgyu-pr-copy.jpg
On January 30, 2009 at Sun Microsystems in Santa Clara SDForum and FountainBlue hosted “State of the Clean Green Industry”. Continue reading Jan. 30, 2009 SDF Clean Energy Entrepreneur’s Conference

Oct. 1, 2008 SDF Cloud Computing 2

SDForum copy.jpgarmstrong-tom-copy.jpgayalon-etan-copy.jpgbajaj-deepika-copy.jpgblazensky-jay-copy.jpgblock-rob-copy.jpgbooth-chris-copy.jpgbrown-david-copy.jpgcampbell-noah-copy.jpgcapdevielle-edgard-copy.jpgcarlson-catherine-copy.jpgchancellor-trae-copy.jpgchappell-david-copy.jpgcharrington-sam-copy.jpgchhabra-alan-copy.jpgdaniels-russ-copy.jpgdies-george-copy.jpgdruker-daniel-copy.jpgdurkee-dave-copy.jpgelpiner-boris-copy.jpggad-sanjog-copy.jpggrosso-bill-copy.jpgguleri-tim-copy.jpggupta-ajit-copy.jpggupta-alka-copy.jpghoffman-jason-copy.jpghorne-donna-copy.jpghusbands-brett-copy.jpgjasin-joe-copy.jpgjensen-david-copy.jpgkeagy-john-copy.jpgkuentz-stefan-copy.jpgkumaraswamy-subra-copy.jpglashinsky-adam-copy.jpgleckie-lars-copy.jpglindblom-ariane-copy.jpglove-amy-copy.jpgmangum-ynema-copy.jpgmckursick-kathleen-copy.jpgmichels-oren-copy.jpgmoran-naama-copy.jpgmortilla-rose-copy.jpgnielson-dave-copy.jpgnorris-barbara-copy.jpgnovikoff-eric-copy.jpgpirahesh-hamid-copy.jpgpreimesberger-chris-copy.jpgpujji-mandeebok-copy.jpgreinman-jodi-copy.jpgrichardson-chris-copy.jpgriseman-james-copy.jpgschigel-tim-copy.jpgshah-praful-copy.jpgsheehan-michael-copy.jpgsheputis-john-copy.jpgsheth-rajen-copy.jpgslede-bernard-copy.jpgstaten-james-copy.jpgsubramonia-jayashree-2-copy.jpgthompson-everett-copy.jpgtucker-lew-copy.jpgvitus-andy-copy.jpgvrionis-john-copy.jpgwang-jim-copy.jpgweekly-david-copy.jpg

On October 1, 2008 at TechMart in Santa Clara, SDF hosted
“Cloud Computing and Beyond: The Web Grows up (finally)”. Several industry leaders and startups discussed the future of creating and running applications on the web and accessed by a local device. Will they be cheaper or even free compared to desktop or mainstream IT software? If enough people adopt it does it become “mainstream”?Text from DJCline.com Continue reading Oct. 1, 2008 SDF Cloud Computing 2