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Oct. 31, 2016 The New Yorker

Oct. 31, 2016 The New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz wrote “Trolls For Trump” about conservative extremist online supporters attacking anyone they do not like  with fake news. Meme expert Richard Dawkins said “Now, however ridiculous what you are saying is, if you make it mimetically successful, something really bad can spread through culture.”

George Packer wrote “The Unconnected” about how Democratic leadership is disconnected from poor voters who may not vote in the numbers they used to. They feel neglected. They may vote for people that do not represent their own best interest. “The fact that so many informed, sophisticated Americans failed to see Donald Trump coming, and the kept writing him off, is itself a sign of a democracy in which no center holds.” “Trump represents  the whole country’s failure.”

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Nov. 9, 2015 The New Yorker

On Nov. 9, 2015 The New Yorker’s George Packer wrote “The Republican Class War” about the GOP’s increasing inability to get the popular vote because of changing demographics and increasing poverty. “Economic stratification and the rise of of a super-wealthy class, threatens our democracy.””The Princeton economist Alan Kreuger as demonstrated that societies with higher levels of income inequality are societies with lower levels of social mobility.””We are no longer the country where anybody can be anything.”

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Feb. 23, 2015 The New Yorker

On Feb. 23, 2015 The New Yorker’s Ian Parker wrote “The Shape Of Things To Come” about Apple designer Jonathan Ive.

Mary Norris wrote “Holy Writ” about learning how to edit famous authors at the magazine in the 1960s.

Zade Smith wrote “Brother From Another Mother” about comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

This 90th Anniversary issue also had articles about every decade written by Roger Angell, George Packer, Rebecca Mead, Hilton Als, Deborah Treisman, Elizabeth Kolbert, Adam Gopnick, Hendrik Hertzberg, David Remnick.

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Nov. 28, 2011 The New Yorker

Nov. 28, 2011 The New Yorker’s Mattathias Schwartz wrote “Pre-Occupied” about the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Zucotti Park. The organizers cite Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals and Linus Torvald, the creator of the Linux open operating system.

George Packer wrote “No Death No Taxes” about Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel and libertarian futurism. “Probably the most extreme form of inequality is between people who are alive and people who are dead.” According to Packer “In Thiel’s techno-utopia, a few thousand Americans might own robot driven cars and live to a hundred and fifty, while millions of others lose their jobs to computers that are far smarter than they are, then perish at sixty.”

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