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May 9, 2013 SVForum Game Changing Technology


On Thursday, May 9, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, SVForum held its “Game Changing Technology Conference.” What if you had a machine that could build anything in your house, including the house? What about downloading a movie on a phone you downloaded as well? How soon will you be wearing Google glasses checking your messages in your Google car? Can a device recycle itself?

Dr. Jeffrey Welser of IBM delivered the first keynote “The Impact of New Technologies on the Enterprise.”

Geoffrey Doyle of GrowShapes and US Partner Percipient Capital moderated panelists Brock Hinzmann of Business Futures Network, Andrew Rutter of Type A Machines and Chris Yonge of StudioCruz. The topic was “3D Printing – The 3rd Industrial Revolution!”

Dan Levin, COO of Box had a fireside chat with Chris Gill on “Building An Enterprise Software Company That Doesn’t Suck: How Startups Are Disrupting Enterprise Software Incumbents.”

Dr. Harry Partridge of NASA’s Ames Research Center delivered the third keynote “Game On – NASA’s Space Technology Program.”

Bernard Golden of enStratus moderated panelists Stacey Bishop of Scale Venture Partners, Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners and Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital. The topic was “Investment Landscape – How to Invest in an Accelerating Environment.”

John Murray of SRI International moderated panelists Grit Denker of SRI International, James Leftwich of Orbitnet and Steve Whittaker of UC Santa Cruz. The topic was “The Future of Human Interface.”

Futurist Paul Saffo of Discern delivered the final keynote “Foresight For Innovators – Inflection-Spotting in the Face of Rapid Change.”

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Jan. 29, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing


On January 29, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft Silicon Valley, SVForum hosted “3D Printing and Scanning SIG Event: Investment Trends & Printer Marketing and Technology” Speakers included Brook Drumm of Printrbot, Geoffrey Doyle of GrowShapes, Timothy Lipton of ReAllocate.org and Rich Stump of Fathom. They discussed the most disruptive technology since the Internet.

“In the same way the printing press democratized information and the internet democratized communication, 3D printing will demassify and democratize manufacturing – “The Third Revolution.”

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, is a new way to design, manufacture, distribute and finance products.  A standard digital file (.stl) of an object is created on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software or a 3D scanner, and is sent to a dedicated printer which builds the object layer-upon-layer in a plastic, metal or ceramic material.

Large manufacturers use it for rapid-prototyping for high-value low-run production. Smaller businesses are adopting it as costs come down.  A desktop machine costs for less than $10,000 compared to more than $100,000 five years ago.  The home printer market is growing as hobbyists embrace open sourced technology which originated from the “RepRap” project (Self-Replicating Manufacturing Machine).

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