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Jul. 28, 2011 STC Adobe Tom Aldous

On July 28, 2011 in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter invited Tom Aldous to talk about Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite 3. The suite consists of FrameMaker 10, RoboHelp 9, Capitivate 5, PhotoShop CSS, Acrobat X Pro and Bridge CSS. After a drawing, somebody went home with a free copy.

Our members peppered him with questions about the new version that they deal with everyday. Unstructured Frame documents can be converted to structured with a single click. Preparing documents for DITA is just as fast. Two questions occurred to me this morning that I should have asked. First, can I import and export HTML5 video for those clients who do not support Flash? Second, does Adobe plan to develop a version of Frame for HP’s new WebOS?

On the job front, people who come to meetings are getting jobs. Keep your skills sharp.

BTW: STC Silicon Valley Chapter Treasurer Gillian Flato announced our website is now ready for advertising and sponsoring. Nice work Gillian!

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