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Flames Of Fortune

Flames Of Fortune By DJ Cline

August 13, 2012 Calvary Ohio

Anita Gromex was surprised how fast the flames spread. She knew not to go back inside her building. She ran to her vehicle and nervously jammed her key in the ignition and careened out the parking lot and across the highway toward the coffee shop. That was supposed to be the official gathering spot in an emergency. The heat was so intense she could feel it through the windshield when she turned the vehicle around.

A fireball erupted from the cornfield behind the building, setting it on fire and engulfing it in smoke.

Out of a side door, she saw her boss/client Jimmy Jenkins stumble out and wander across honking traffic. She got out and met him as he astoundingly crossed the street but tripped on the curb and fell to the sidewalk.

“Jimmy, are you all right?” She asked.

Jimmy was disoriented. “I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I can hardly see or breathe. I have to report this to headquarters. Can you help me? It’s pretty confidential so don’t tell anybody.”

Jimmy pulled out his phone and handed it to her. She followed his instructions and sent a message to headquarters. He then directed her to an app called Black Flag Insurance and gave her the password. Jimmy then passed out. She started looking through the app and saw the names of her fellow employees with large dollar amounts next to their names. The money was supposed to be directed to various executives’ accounts, including Jimmy’s.

Despite all that was going on around her, she was furious. All these years she had been collecting a mere fraction of what the company had been making off of her. She looked down at her unconscious boss and wanted to kill him. Instead, she looked up how to change the password in the app. She decided she would quickly gain control of these policies and deposit the money in her own offshore accounts. No more sweating in a cornfield. No more house payments. The worst thing that happened to other people would now be the best thing that ever happened to her.

She got back in her vehicle and drove away from the chaos and went on to create her own. She had clawed her way to the middle, now she would kill her way to the top.

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Copyright 2012 DJ Cline All rights reserved.