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Oct. 10, 2017 Fire Zone

The Tubbs fire is spreading across the North Bay area from Santa Rosa to Napa Valley. You see a lot unusual behavior. It is probably a good time to remind people about fire or emergency lanes. In California, curbs near fire hydrants are painted red. So are any other areas that fire fighters need to do their job. On Sunday, I saw a black Mercedes SUV parked in the fire lane at a gas station. Four different people walked up to the driver and asked him to move his vehicle. Finally, a fire truck pulled up right behind him and honked. He reluctantly moved to the boos of the crowd as his wife came out with her coffee. The fire truck was refueled and headed back out to the wildfire.

If you are disabled, I understand parking in the designated spaces. If you are a firefighter I understand using the fire lane. If you just want to double park next to the front door, you will have to walk a little bit to get your half caff latte.

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