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Jan. 2, 2016 Fargo Season 2

My time-saving strategy of watching the first and last episode of a television series does not work with the second season of Fargo. Like the original movie and the first season, the plots are woven into such a complex tapestry you have to watch the whole thing. Everyone in the cast gives a great performance. The music makes you want to buy the soundtrack. The cinematography makes you want to book a flight to Calgary. The violence makes you want gun control. Spoiler alert below.

I think the overall theme is the futility of turf wars. The series starts out in 1883 with Europeans driving Native Americans from their homes and destroying their ability to make a living. The invading pioneers never think they would be invaded. Then in 1979, a woman who likes to think she runs a mafia from a big house up north is fighting over territory with very real mafia from the south. In the end she and everyone associated with her are dead. One son is killed by a self involved hair dresser and her loving husband. Another son is killed by a straight shooting highway patrolman. Several are killed by a Kansas City hit man who quotes Shakespeare. The woman and her last son are killed by their own poorly treated employee, a resourceful and relentless Native American Vietnam veteran named Hanzee Dent played by Zahn McClarnon. His character is one of the only survivors of a final battle that involves (I kid you not) a flying saucer. Are they moving into the territory next? I could not stop laughing. How will the screenwriters top that? Clearly this is obviously part of a much bigger story.

Note:  Providence for Absecon? North Shore and Faunce Landing? My best to Bessie Lane?

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