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May 29, 2013 GABA Big Data

gabalogoKruse Ragnar Kurth Scott Sonnenschein David Vavra Maureen Zeller Michael

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, GABA presented “Big Data: Where to Start And What Does it Take?” Maureen Vavra, Partner at StrataFusion moderated panelists Ragnar Kruse, CEO and Co-Founder at smaato, Scott Kurth, Director, Data Insights R&D at Accenture Technology Labs, David Sonnenschein, Vice President, Strategic Business Development at SAP Labs and Michael Zeller, CEO and Co-Founder at Zementis. Despite the hype, big data forces us to use the logic in our head as much as the logic in our technology. More data requires more thought. Despite Hadoop and NoSQL, you may still find yourself using SQL and even the Socratic method to ask the right questions and get the right answers. Look for and retain the the database experts you have in the expanding and competitive market for skills. A experienced ETL professional can leverage their existing skills and combine them with new analytics tools to find answers you need.

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May 18, 2013 SVC-Wireless Mobile And Internet Conference


On May 18, 2013 in Sunnyvale at Microsoft, the SVC-Wireless held a mobile and Internet Conference. The featured speakers are below.

Noman Ali, Founder & CEO, Peanut Labs

Kayvan Baroumand, CEO, NestGSV

Chandra De Keyser, Co-Founder & CEO, Moodme

Ben Chen, President, West Region Operation, China Unicom Americas

Chris Gill, CEO, SVForum

Stewart Gunther, Co-Founder and Managing Director, VC ~ Private Equity Roundtable

Twyla M Guyette, Manager, IBM ISV & Developer Relations

Dongxu He, Founder, Gamegou

Lilly Huang, Director, SVBank

Jack Jia, Partner, GSR Preston Reed, Founder & CEO, Footmarks

Fang Li, Founder, Swarmpix

Christian Limon, Director of Developer Relations

Xinhua Liu, CMO, Kingsoft

Willie Lu, Chief Architect of Mobile Cloud Platform, Technaut Intellectual Ventures

Laurence Marks, Chief Revenue Officer, Blue Kangaroo

Bob Miller, Co-Founder & CEO, CloudPrime

Tuyen Nguyen, Mobile Partnership Management, Google

Joe Jasin, Managing Director, DNA Partners

Mike Mayo, Cloud Developer Evangelist, Rackspace

Michael Pachos, Principal, Samsung Venture

Charles Tan, Managing Partner, Lumiera Holdings, LLC

Cheng Tang, Founder, Infolife

Mari Tangredi, Co-Founder & VP, CloudPrime

Edward Tsai, VP, DCM Paul Kohler, Global Technology Strategist, VMWare

Hua Wang, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Innovation Works

JianShuo Wang, CEO, Baixing

Vivien Wang, Partner, Deloitte

Carina Wu, Global Partnership Manager, Silu.com

Le Xu, Founder, TinyMobi

Kai Zhang, Founder, CooTek

Rui Zhang, Founder, Dreaming Game

XiangDong Zhang, Presient, GDT

Lixin Zhen, Founder, INTSIG

Michael Zhong, Standing Representative, Shanghai Yangpu US Innovation Center

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Apr. 30, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing Intelligence

SVFlogoCutt Paul Doyle Geoffrey Filart Al Hunt Michael Ilano RomyKennedy Adam Kim Nuki Leingang Thad Leung KC Maxwell Greg Maxwell June Palacios Brian Philpot Chris Rutters Andrew Silversten Espen Tharp Jennifer Tien Barabara Veres Janos Wong Leon

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 in Palo Alto at PARC, SVForum’s 3D Printing and Scanning SIG presented “Printed Intelligence.” Speakers included Brian Palacios of Praefectus Fabrum, Janos Veres of PARC’s Printed Electronics team and Leon Wong, Director, Market Strategy at PARC. They discussed printing semiconductors, flexible circuits, sensor arrays, memory arrays; batteries and display devices.

IMG_9343DJClinecom IMG_9350DJClinecom IMG_9354DJClinecom IMG_9427DJClinecom IMG_9345DJClinecom IMG_9347DJClinecom IMG_9352DJClinecom IMG_9359DJClinecom IMG_9362DJClinecom IMG_9363DJClinecom IMG_9365DJClinecom IMG_9366DJClinecom IMG_9367DJClinecom IMG_9372DJClinecom IMG_9378DJClinecom IMG_9382DJClinecom IMG_9385DJClinecom IMG_9390DJClinecom IMG_9391DJClinecom IMG_9392DJClinecom IMG_9396DJClinecom IMG_9405DJClinecom IMG_9414DJClinecom IMG_9417DJClinecom IMG_9418DJClinecom IMG_9419DJClinecom IMG_9420DJClinecom IMG_9422DJClinecom IMG_9429DJClinecom IMG_9489DJClinecom IMG_9439bDJClinecom

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Feb. 13, 2012 US Brazil Export Opportunities

On Monday February 13, 2012 in San Jose, the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service, City of San Jose, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, BayBrazil and the US-Brazil Business Council presented “Export Opportunities in Brazil for California Green Companies.” Brazil’s government policies for sustainable energy independence contribute dramatically to its growing economy. This event demonstrated the many resources available for California companies to do business in Brazil.

Joanne Vliet, Director, Silicon Valley Export Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Commerce, Dick Castner of US Chamber of Commerce and Joe Hedges of the City of San Jose welcomed the attendees.

Matthew Mahood, President & CEO, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce talked about the opportunities for Silicon Valley green technology companies. The Honorable Eduardo Prisco Ramos, Consul General of Brazil in San Francisco gave an overview of Brazil compared to the United States and the consulate’s role in encouraging trade.

Dr. Michael Conniff of the Global Studies Program at the Silicon Valley Center for Global Innovation and Immigration at San Jose State University, moderated the first panel. Natalie Kehle, Analyst  at the International Infrastructure Department, Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (FIESP) had excellent pointers about doing business in Brazil. Shannon Fraser, a Clean Tech Trade Specialist at the Silicon Valley Export Assistance Center for the U.S. Department of Commerce spoke about the resources available to help business get started. Kathleen McInerney,  Director of the Brazil-U.S. Business Council talked about how her organization increases communication and cooperation between the two countries.

Margarise Correa, Founder of BayBrazil moderated the second panel. Calvin Lam, Commercial Banking Officer at GBC International Bank spoke on the local resources and success stories of Silicon Valley companies in Brazil. Rob Guthrie, Business Initiatives Specialist of the Office of Renewable Energy & Environmental  Exports at the Export-Import Bank discussed the bank’s unique history and how it helps bridge the gaps for trade. Jeff Lund, Vice President of Business Development of Echelon explained how they do business with Brazil.

Carlos Eduardo de Senna Figueiredo, Economist, National Confederation of Industry for Brazil (CNI) gave the closing keynote on Brazil’s economic growth.

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