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This is not a movie to see in a crowded theater. Wait until you can watch it at home when you are sick with the flu. I thought it was an incredibly evenhanded account of a very dramatic story.

A bulldozer disrupts the rainforest habitat of a bat. The bat seeks shelter in a barn. The pigs in the barn are infected by the bat with a new virus. The pork is served in a restaurant to an executive from the bulldozer company. The virus spreads from China to people around the world. Millions die but most survive in a state of fear and panic. A CDC scientist tests an experimental vaccine on herself and proves it is safe for humans. People fight to get the vaccine. People begin to realize how important it is that everyone get access to health care to fight epidemics.

It seems like science fiction to me, but there is a subplot about a San Francisco reporter with a blog who figures out not only what is going on before anybody else but figures out how to make money from it. The bad guys try to arrest him but he has too many friends so they let him go. BTW: Jude Law looks ridiculous in his DEVO-esque isolation suit.

Wash your hands.

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