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Jan. 8, 2017 Blumbers


Computer Civil Rights

The film Hidden Figures depicts the struggles of three women with racism and sexism in NASA during the early 1960s. The women were called computers, which seems even more dehumanizing. I saw it with a group of women with technical skills who say not much has changed.  They struggle to get hired. They struggle to get recognized. Sometimes they struggle against insensitive men but also other women who do not exactly practice solidarity.

I have seen the reluctance to hire women with technical degrees and experience and pay them a decent wage has sent many a Silicon Valley company to an early grave. Somebody has to write the code while you give slide presentations to each other all day.

For me the lesson of the film was that social progress and technological process go hand in hand. If you do not train and make the most of everyone in your society, you will suffer. If you hire tech women your organization, you will have role models to attract a new generation of women. This will give you the competitive edge and someday they will make a movie where you do not look like such a jerk to future generations.

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