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COmmencement Address

May 30, 2020

My interest in the future could not prepare me for this end of the world.. It was quite a surprise to be contacted by a college I had nearly forgotten I had graduated from all these years later. The only thing that is keeping me from attending is the quarantine.

Really I am surviving this because I took a gamble on biotech twenty years ago. Had I stayed near the college, I would be dead by now. As it is I have spent a fortune to keep one. There are no pictures of me graduating. I was in such a hurry to leave this place that I did not go to the graduation ceremony. I went to the bursar’s office to pick up my diploma and drive out of the city with my car loaded with all my worldly possessions. I never looked back…until now.

All the mom and pop shops that paid my bills were closing up or moving overseas. I saw the writing on the wall and it was in Mandarin.

Advice? Meet someone new everyday. I decided to photograph everyone I met and soon a busboy became a restauranteur and then a governor. Democracy requires people to rise to the top, I have seen it.

The rich have decided if they can’t take it with them, they are not going to go. Covid-19 has shown that everyone is vulnerable to disease,  even me.

Science fiction writer David Brin says the rich are having so much medical  work done that at some point, they will become a different species. I hope that does not happen. It is our commonality that unites what we learn from each other. So there it is. Meet as many people as you can, learn from them and remind them they will die eventually . No I don’t want to see the biolab.  I think I paid for Stanford’s. That turned out to be Tim’s most expensive non handshake. You live and learn or you don’t live long. Barb will find this funny, Pam will hate it. I will laugh all the way. If you meet Barb you will know why you never heard of her.

I have a long walk down the hill from here. They still have not worked out the parking around here.

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