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Jun. 5, 2013 SVForum Launch Silicon Valley And Visionary Awards


On June 5, 2013 in San Francisco at UBM, SVForum held a press conference to present the winners of Launch! Silicon Valley: Algorithms, Bugcrowd, E3 Clean Technologies , FLASHiZ, OnFarm and WHILL. SVForum also announced this year’s Visionaries are Steve Blank, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Academician, Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman/CEO of the XPrize Foundation Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google and Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco. Speakers were Debbie Brackeen of Citi, Chris Gill of SVForum, Barbara Holzapfel of SAP and Leonard Heymann of UBM. Some press attending were Janet Rae-Dupree, Patrick Hoge of the San Francisco Business Times and Dan Nakaso of the Mercury News.

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Oct. 10, 2012 SVForum Main Event

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, in Palo Alto, the SVForum Main Event was “Leveraging Corporate Partnerships.” Chris Gill of SVForum moderated panelists Debbie Brackeen of Citi Ventures, Andrew Clark of IBM Venture Capital Group, Patrick Eggen of Qualcomm Ventures and Jim Lussier of Dell Ventures. They discussed the return of Corporate Venture Funds and what entrepreneurs need to know to get started.

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Jan.19, 2012 SVForum Clean Tech Sustainability

On Thursday, January 19, 2012 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum held a Clean Technology Conference on Sustainability. Industry leaders noted the continued demand for sustainable technolgies and business processes. A PWC report that $891 million dollars were raised by 80 startups during the third quarter of 2011.

Rami Branitzky of SAP welcomed the attendees. Chris Gill of SVForum introduced Thilo Koslowski of Gartner who gave the overview on electric vehicles. Koslowski then moderated Aaron Cohen of Coda Automotive, Harry Hobbs of InterContinental Hotels, Geoff Ryder of SAP and Byron Shaw of GM Advanced Technology. They discussed the market for new electric vehicles. It will take lots of subsidies and time convert a sizable portion of the existing fleet from gasoline to electric vehicles.

Abby Johnson of Abacus Property Solutions moderated panelists Asim Hussain of Bloom Energy, Alain Poivet of Sunplanter, Swapnil Shah of FirstFuel and Andrew Yip of PG&E. They discussed the long and short term advantages of green buildings.

Steve Bengston of PWC moderated panelists Jason Matlof of Battery Ventures, Rachel Sheinbein of CMEA Capital and Dylan Steeg of Intel Capital. The heyday of startups getting large investments for untried technologies without existing infrastructure are over.

Gil Perez of SAP moderated panelists Erich Klawuhn of Soladigm, Tsafir Oranski of Panoramic Party, Tamin Pechet of Banyan Water and Benzi Ronen of Farmigo. They talked about the specific advantages of their technologies.

Peter Graf of SAP gave the closing keynote.

John Jung and Kate Reimer of Greensmith answered questions about their advanced energy storage technology.

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