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May 26, 2015 Cart Obit

I bring sad news. The plastic AV cart that I bought twenty years ago has died. For years it carriedĀ large CRT TV’s, VCRs, DVD players, DVRs, AM/FM stereo receivers, vinyl record players, cassette tape decks, CD jukeboxes, amplifiers and speakers. Eventually all these devices were replaced by computers and the cart was semi-retired to the garage. One day its plastic shelving began to fall apart under the stress of one bottle of laundry detergent too many. I regret not paying an additional hundred dollars for a steel cart but celebrated its life by taking it apart and throwing it into a recycling bin. It was preceded in death by a large wooden entertainment center containingĀ so much urea formaldehyde that termites were embalmed after they tried to eat it. It is survived by an ergonomic computer tray with folding legs that can also serve breakfast in bed.

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