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Mar. 29, 2012 SVForum Quebec Smart Energy

On Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum presented “Clean Tech Breakfast Series: Smart Energy in Everyday Living – Innovative Technologies from Quebec, Canada.” Rami Branitzky of SAP moderated panelists Gary Dillabough of The Westly Group, Stephane Labelle of EH2 Solar, Simon Leblond of CAN2GO/SCL Elements and Denis Leclerc of Ecotech Quebec. They discussed the current and future smart energy opportunities in Quebec and Canada in general.

Quebec is an example of how making hard environmental policy decisions pays off in the long run. They started enforcing cap and trade regulations for carbon emissions. They decided not expand their nuclear energy program in favor of getting ninety-eight percent of their power from sustainable hydroelectricity. They encouraged a balanced economy of agriculture, manufacturing and high tech. They supported healthcare, immigration and education systems to create a workforce of talented people who did not have to worry about crushing college loans or healthcare costs but were free to start their own companies. Today Quebec has over four hundred clean tech companies focusing on energy efficiency and storage, water treatment and waste management, aerospace and alternative fuels.

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May 1, 2009 National Geographic Arctic Land Grab

May 1, 2009 National Geographic magazine’s Verlyn Klinkenborg, Diane Cook and Len Jenshel put together a story “Up On The Roof” about creating urban farming and green space.

McKenzie Funk wrote “Arctic Land Grab.” Because of global warming, America, Canada, Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and other nations are jockeying for control of resources under the Arctic Ocean.

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