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Jun. 29, 2010 SDF Batteries

On June 29, 2010 in Palo Alto at SAP, SDForum presented a Clean Tech Breakfast titled “Next Generation Batteries: Challenges and Opportunities in Energy Storage.” Jeffrey Selman of Nixon Peabody moderated panelists Dania Ghantous of Qnovo, Ashok Lahiri of Enovix, Mark Platshon of VantagePoint and Camille Ricketts of VentureBeat.

To give you an idea how much things are changing, Tesla has gone public on the NASDAQ. Storing alternative energy and  the growth of mobile technology is driving the need for more efficient and environmentally sustainable batteries. The demand of batteries for cell phones, laptops and cameras will only skyrocket when we need thousands of batteries for electric cars. We need more students majoring in math, science and particularly chemistry. Buy your child a chemistry set and walk them through a periodic table. In the mean time there will be a scramble for the raw materials for lithium ion batteries and in countries like Afghanistan and Bolivia just as there is for oil in the Middle East. There is strong interest in the outcome of battery technology. In the audience I saw people from Lawrence Livermore, Sony, Wells Fargo and one mysterious gentleman in the corner who did not want to be identified.

I mention him because over the weekend I saw a movie starring Tom Cruise called Knight and Day. A crazy secret agent finds and protects a genius who develops a super battery. I never thought batteries would be a major plot point in a Hollywood movie, but I think it will be key to our economy in the future.

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Jan. 12, 2010 SDF Clean Energy

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On January 12, 2010 in Sunnyvale at AMD Commons Auditorium, SDForum held the third annual “State of Clean Energy: Global Challenges and Opportunities” event. This year focused on who is leading in clean energy to create new jobs and sustainable growth while reducing costs.

Dian Grueneich, Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission delivered the opening keynote. Grueneich focuses on transmission planning and permitting, energy efficiency, climate change, renewable energy resources, and low income consumer issues.

The first panel discussed “The Greening of Corporations.” Lynelle Cameron of Autodesk  moderated panelists Scott C. Bolick of SAP, Mukesh Khattar of Oracle, Bruce Klafter of Applied Materials and Rich Lechner of IBM.

The second panel discussed “The Role of Public Policy and Research in Private Innovation.” Patrick Bray of PacificVision Partners and Osaka City Investment moderated Hal LaFlash of PG&E, Marc LePage of Embassy of Canada and Dean Arthur Ramirez of UCSC School of Engineering.

Sally M. Benson of Stanford University’s Director of the Global Climate and Energy Project delivered the second keynote. She knows how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide from power plants and pumping it into deep underground formations for permanent sequestration.

The third panel discussed “Leaders in Innovation: Global Success Stories in Clean Energy.” Brad Rock of DLA Piper moderated Gregg Dixon of EnerNoc and Kate Sherwood of Recurrent Energy discussed who is winning around the world.

The fourth panel discussed “Early Stage Investors: What Does This Mean for Entrepreneurs?” Camille Ricketts of VentureBeat moderated panelists Dan Lankford of Wavepoint Ventures, Bruce Pasternack of CMEA Capital, Dylan Steeg of Intel Capital and Robert Walker of Sierra Ventures.

The fifth panel discussed “Financing the Next Level: Global Investment Climate.” Michael Kanellos of Greentech Media moderated panelists Tim Carey of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Larry Kellerman of Goldman Sachs, Randy Lewis of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Prakash Ramachandran of Nordic Windpower.

Tom Rand of the MaRS Discovery Project gave the final keynote on “Kick The Fosssil Fuel Habit: Ten Technolgies To Save Our World.”

Basically we are in trouble and need get moving. Try everything and see what works best to avoid the worst.

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