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Breaking News

By Martin Fletcher

There is more than one story in this book. There is the story about his dangerous journey around the world’s war zones. There is the story of how a BBC cameraman became an NBC Bureau Chief.  There is a story about how technological advances made it easier to get the news out, but the main story is how he went from covering stories to covering people.

Fletcher’s parents escaped to Britain from Nazi Germany. He learned about the Holocaust from survivors and not from renting Sophie’s Choice. He did not like bullies who denied people their jobs, their homes and ultimately their lives. Over time his stories were not about the people in power, but the powerless, the exiled, the refugees, those who had no choice over what other people decided the rest of their shortened lives would be like.

In his travels he learned there were many sides to a story but some people were just plain wrong. They use religion as an excuse, an arrogance of faith. It was usually the people who would not allow him to cover a story. He learned that the old saying about a conflict “taking two to tango” was more like “it takes one to tangle.” Too often the conflict would be carried to their children. As long as one side fights, there will be war until the other surrenders or dies. Until then Fletcher will be there to cover it.

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