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Jan. 8, 2015 The Big Short

This is a hard film to watch… in a theater. The Big Short film is based on the Michael Lewis book about the causes behind the financial collapse in 2008. When I heard it was showing at a multiplex. I bought a ticket and sat waiting for the film to begin. After twenty minutes of commercials, the film never started. I went to the ticket counter and was told there was a problem. I got my money back and went to another theater. Once there, I saw the first few minutes of the film then silence. Once again I was refunded and went to the third theater for the day. After many technical difficulties I think I have seen most of the film. I should say that the Star Wars films at all theaters were working just fine. The problem seemed to be with just this particular film. And what a film it is.

This is a good film. It shows rich people getting richer while poor families are living in cars and under bridges. It explains a complex subject in a funny and simple way. At one point a Brad Pitt, playing a character based on the real life Ben Hockett, points out the tragedy buried in this comedy. He says that every percentage point of unemployment results in 40,000 deaths. It checks out. In the November 4, 2012 New York Times reporter Benedict Carey wrote “Increase Seen in U.S. Suicide Rate Since Recession.” “The study was conducted by Aaron Reeves of the University of Cambridge and Sanjay Basu of Stanford and included researchers from the University of Bristol the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Hong Kong.”  These startling statistics turn unemployment into a death sentence.

Go see the film and then go vote.

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