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Sep. 8, 2017 Amazon New HQ

CNN reported that Amazon was looking for a second headquarters. Nobody can afford to live in Seattle anymore so they need to look someplace else in North America. Amazon wants to hire 50,000 workers and pay them over $100,000 a year. NPR reported that the cities had to have at least a million people like Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Washington, D.C. I am not sure this is going to work. A few years ago Boeing moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago. It did not seem to a help people in either place. Employees kept flying back and forth in Boeing planes. Maybe Amazon employees will be carried back and forth by those little drones. IBM use to buy employee’s housing when they relocated. It worked well.

The solution might be to create more affordable housing in Seattle. It might be cheaper than moving. Wherever they move it will create the same kind of destructive real estate speculation that happened in Seattle.

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Nov. 7, 2013 Rolling Stone

On Nov. 7, 2013 Rolling Stone’s Elizabeth Drew wrote “GOP vs. The Poor” about how the Republican party threw 3.8 million poor people off of food stamps. Because of the economic collapse during the Bush Administration there was a dramatic increase in newly poor Americans applying for food stamps. US Congressional Representative Eric Cantor and fellow Representative Steve Southerland rigged a normally bipartisan farm bill to increase hunger among the poor. They sought advice from the Secretary’s Innovation Group or SIG and The Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is funded by Allstate insurance, Boeing, Koch brothers, Lockheed Martin, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and others.

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