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Sep 11, 2013 SVForum Matt Haines Of IMP

SVFlogoHaines Matt

On September 11, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, SVForum Digital Media SIG Chair Bob Ketner introduced Matt Haines, the Developer Community Manager at Imp. Haines talked about how Imp can make designing “The Internet Of Things” easier. Imp wants to a hardware and software environment that removes all the headaches of creating a wireless device so companies can focus on features they do best.

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Jul. 15, 2013 SVForum Volunteers


On July 15, 2013 in Palo Alto at DLA Piper, SVForum staff held a volunteer meeting. Atttending were Jon Baer, Denyse Cardozo, Geoffrey Doyle, Francine Gordon, Steve Hogan, Joe Jasin, Bob Ketner, Jay Kumar, Michal Lenchner, Sonja London, Susan Lucas Conwell, Eilish McCaffrey, Waiming Mok, Kim Murray, Dave Nielsen, Christine Oliver, Rhinehart Reglos, Subu Sankara, David Snyder, Jeanine Swatton, Paul Wcislo.

Baer Jon Cardozo Denyse Doyle Geoffrey Gordon Francine Hogan Steve Jasin Joe Ketner BobKumar Jai Lenchner Michal London Sonja LucasConwell Susan 9 copy McCaffrey Eilish copy Mok Waiming Murray Kim Nielsen Dave Oliver Christine Reglos Rhinehart Sankara Subu Snyder David Swatton Jeanine Wcislo Paul

IMG_4779DJClinecom IMG_4804DJClinecom IMG_4805DJClinecom IMG_4820DJClinecom IMG_4839DJClinecom IMG_4840DJClinecom

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May 9, 2012 ARE 2012 Bob Ketner And Chris Stapleton

On Wednesday May 9, 2012, the Santa Clara Convention Center hosted the Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2012). Two talks focused on Experiential AR, showing the new strategies and technologies for museums. Bob Ketner of The Tech Museum presented “Ubiquitous: A Platform for AR Experiences” and Christopher Stapleton of Simiosys presented “Applied Research Experiential Media Firm – Phydgital InterSpaces redefining Spatial Augmented Reality interfaces for Social Interaction.”

The talks were part of the growing trend toward a productive conversation between speakers and audience. I learned as much from the attendees as the speakers. I saw cutting edge technology that will make my life much easier. The art on display was unlike anything I had seen before.

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Aug. 24, 2009 SDF Nokia Augmented

SDF logo2009 copyDodsworth Clark copyGrzeszczuk Radek copyKarasi Anand copyKern John copyKetner Bob 3 copyKrishnan Baldev copyLeung KC copyPulli Kari copySagar Viddy copySeidl Robert copyVedantham Vedantham copyWei Joseph copy

On August 24, 2009 in Palo Alto at Pillsbury Winthrop, SDForum’s Augmented SIG hosted Nokia’s research and developers to talk about augmentation technology. Ramakrishna Vendantham demonstrated how a Nokia N95 can recognize a music CD cover. Kari Pulli and Radek Grzeszczuk talked about software that will not only recognize products with bar codes and labels but buildings and faces. They showed how an experimental visor can track eye movement and then zoom in on whatever you focus on. Combined with GPS and publicly available information it helps people navigate around cities. This would great for the visually impaired or people who get lost easily. Text from DJ Cline.com

All of this depends on a cell phone’s camera finding enough data points to compare with an existing database of images. The problem is that the database is usually not in the phone but must be accessed over a network. They combine several recognition strategies and database trees to create a “forest” that finds results fast over an existing network. The result is a technology that literally see the forest for the trees.

Here is link to the slides.T20090824SDFAugmentext from DJ Cline.com

08-24-09 crowdpan1 copy08-24-09 group1 copy08-24-09 group2 copyKrishnaSDFnews copy08-24-09 phone0 copy08-24-09 NokiaN95a copy08-24-09 phone1 copy08-24-09 phone2 copy08-24-09 phone3 copynokiaauggles copy

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