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Aug. 2, 2015 Blumbers

Big 20: Pay Phones

Twenty years ago if you were not at home and wanted to call someone you used a pay phone. For a quarter you could call anyone. If you did not have a quarter you could use a credit card. They usually had a phone book chained to them. Pay phones were located everywhere. You could find them in hotels, stores, public buildings and phone booths. A phone booth was a glass box with a folding glass door that were located on street corners and in rural areas. It was ideal if you were on a trail in a national park and wanted to report a bear… outside your telephone booth.

Of course cell phones killed pay phones. You could call from anywhere and did not need quarters. I miss the high quality audio connection. Pay phones were actually a plot point in the movie “The Matrix”. Landline connections were depicted as the only reliable connections in and out of their virtual world. A movie that was seem as so cutting edge fifteen years ago seems antiquated now.

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