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Apr. 19, 2015 Blumbers

Big 20: Finding Jobs

Twenty years ago if you wanted to find a job you looked at the help wanted ads in a printed newspaper. You could respond to the ad by calling the company, mailing a resume, or if they were really high tech, faxing it.

Finding a job in another city required buying a week-old newspaper from a specialty bookstore or news shop. You could have people in that city buy a more recent paper and call you about the ads. You could travel to that city and buy newspapers locally.

You could join a national professional organization with local chapters. Sometimes companies would put ads in newsletters. Companies would send ads to local chapters and some volunteer would leave a voice message of the ad on an answering machine. Members could check for messages and respond to the ads.

A company might start with phone interview and follow up with an interview in person. This meant staying close to a landline phone or booking a flight on short notice.

All this cost time and money. The internet allowed you to see an ad on a website and send a resume by email. It speeded up a process that used to take months. You could have a new job in a new city in 24 hours.

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