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Dec. 14, 2015 The New Yorker

On Dec. 14, 2015 The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza wrote “A House Divided” about “invitation-only group of about forty right-wing conservatives” in Congress who want to shut down the government. California Republican Congressional representative David Nunes calls them “lemmings with suicide vests.”

Ben McGrath wrote “The Wayfarer” about avid canoeist Dick Conant’s extraordinary journeys around America.

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Oct. 18, 2010 The New Yorker

On Oct. 18, 2010 The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki wrote “The Next Level” about category killers store chains that destroy independent small businesses. Toys R Us, CompUSA, Circuit City, Borders and Blockbuster all led their categories by wiping out the competition. They are all in trouble or out of business. Having killed their categories, have they killed themselves. Blockbuster failed to make the transition from bricks to clicks fast enough. Netflix, however, dominated the mailing DVD market but managed to transition into video streaming by moving quickly if not smoothly.

Sean Wilentz wrote “Confounding Fathers” about the Tea Party roots in 1950s McCarthy era paranoia.

Ben McGrath wrote “Search And Destroy” about Gawker Media founder Nick Denton.

Adam Gopnik wrote “Market Man” about Adam Smith, who unlike what some people think, thought you should be nice and generous with people.

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