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Dec. 3, 2009 SDF Mobile Internet

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On December 3, 2009 in Menlo Park at Orrick, SDForum’s Mobile SIG presented “Mobile Internet” with Trinh Ngo of WiChorus Tellabs. As seen with the Apple iPhone and AT&Ts 3G network, the rise of better performing mobile devices requires a better network infrastructure to deal with the explosion in traffic. This provides opportunities for phone companies to increase the average revenue per user (ARPU). Ngo discussed what is driving demand, the network transformation that must take place for radio access, backhaul and packet cores. He thinks the future standard for mobile devices will not be WiMax but LTE. While some complain about the speed of their networks, it us not the the only reason for slow connections. The speed of phones is limited by battery power. A faster connection would drain your phone in a few minutes unless you want to leave it plugged in. Build a better battery AND a better network.Text from DJCline.com.

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