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Oct. 11, 2011 TechAmerica David Packard Awards

On Tuesday October 11, 2011 in Menlo Park at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club, TechAmerica held the 53rd Annual David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Awards. The master of ceremonies was Hank Steininger of Grant Thornton. Daniel Varroney of TechAmerica welcomed the crowd.

Marc Benioff of Salesforce told some humorous anecdotes about this year’s winner of the David Packard MOA Award, Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Chairman of the Board of Hewlett Packard. Lane talked about the values of hard work and directness he learned from his father while growing up in West Virginia. Afterward, Mike Holston, HP’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel presented him with a special engraved laptop.

Dennis Stolkey of HP Services presented a series of Innovator Awards. Sharon Vosmek of Astia was honored as Community Service Innovator. Mark Pincus of Zynga was honored as Innovator Entrepreneur of the Year. Sandeep Vij of MIPS was honored as Wellness Innovator of the Year. Ron Papas of Informatica won for Cloud Computing. James Christiansen of Evantix won for Cybersecurity. Doug Smith of Oceus won  for Government Services. Wael Diab of Broadcom won for Green Tech/Smart Grid. Laurie McGraw of Allscripts won for Health and Medical Technologies. Jim Denenny of Concurrent won Mobile Services. Alex Yoder of Webtrends for Social Media and was accepted by Hope Frank on his behalf. Terry Mullin of ViridiSTOR won for Software.

In closing, Cisco CEO John Chambers talked about his faith in Silicon Valley and HP CEO Meg Whitman remaking HP. Chambers then made a champagne toast. At that moment I was sitting next to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and he clinked his glass to my telephoto lens. It was very funny moment.

I’m still working on the hundreds of photos I took, but here a are few for now. Henrik Fiskar brought the Karma electric sports car and Tim Shriver was there talking about the Special Olympics.

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Sep. 1, 2009 SDForum Solar

SDF logo2009 copyAnderson Robert copyBartels Don copyBatty Richard copyBelur Pradeep copyChung Jane copyColosi Jen copyCoralles Eugenia copyCox Rory copyCrafts Mark copyEvans Nathan copyFaust Tom copyFujisawa Sanae copyHorne Steve copyHorstmeyer Robert copyJohnson Sarah copyKammerer Bill copyKeating Tim copyKho Jennifer copyLepinard Seb copyLugannani James copyLum Peter copyMalik Igor copyMandala Devilatha copyMoller Jens copyMui Terrie copyNussel Barbara copyPatton Andrew copyPearson Dave copyPiliero Tom copyRakow Augie copyReis Nolan copyScott Richard copySelman Jeffrey copySole Mark copySquyres Pam copySterling David copyWilliamson Andrew copyWolf Jeremy copy

On September 1, 2009 in San Francisco, SDForum and Astia held a Clean Tech Breakfast sponsored by Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams on ‘Innovation Opportunities Using Solar Technologies’. Bob Anderson of Nixon Peabody moderated panelists Eugenia Corrales of SunModular, Steve Horne of SolFocus, Robert Horstmeyer of GrowthPoint Technology Partners, and Bob McDonald of Skyline Solar. The economic downturn has temporarily halted all sorts of investments but alternative energy continues to gain market share. Text from DJCline.com

Eugenia Corrales sees increasing efficiencies in cells and thin film could dominate the market. She sees opportunities for innovation in more efficient solar power management systems and battery storage. You must consider the true levelized cost of the unit over the life of its operation. If a solar panel with a tracker follows the sun, it will get more energy and save more money over time even though it may add fifty cents per watt initially. Text from DJCline.com

Tim Keating believes we are at peak oil and will probably use it until it is completely gone. He believes all energy is subsidized and you can shift those subsidies around to alternative sources. At the moment only one percent of the world’s energy is generated by solar. A hundred years from now most of the energy used during the day will be generated by solar. He sees opportunity in the smart grid, where utilities will gradually become the big pipe for power the way olld phone companies became pipes for the Internet. Of  course there are always opportunities conserve power. Most people in California are unaware that they pay rates similar to Germany or Japan, but also use more alternative sources than the rest of the country and therefore are more efficient and environmentally friendly. He credits PG&E with being out in front of the issue. Text from DJCline.com

Steve Horne agrees that small gains in efficiencies add up over time. Improvements in storage are great for any source. Text from DJCline.com

Robert Horstmeyer thinks that with global demand all sources will be used. Every source has advantages and disadvantages. Wind power has seen the greatest growth but has lots of moving parts and long term maintenance costs. Solar has higher up front installation costs but lower maintenance costs. Every residential roof is shaped different and that drives up installation costs. Concentrated solar is very competitive and requires lots of strong sunlight. Large arrays of panels out in the desert take up as much land as coal mine and are drawing the attention of environmentalists. Despite this, he sees solar achieving grid parity or cost competitiveness between solar and coal by 2013. The coal companies and utilities do not want you to know this. Germany and Spain have shown how “feed-in” policies encouraging people to build and then deliver power to the grid can build an alternative infrastructure that reduces costs over time. Text from DJCline.com

When the economy recovers so will the demand for energy. Those investing in alternative energy now will benefit later. Text from DJCline.com

09-01-09 Embarcadero1 copy09-01-09 Embarcadero2 copy09-01-09 NixonPeabody copy09-01-09 registration copy09-01-09 crowd pan1 copy09-01-09 panel copy09-01-09 panelafter copy09-01-09 chairs pan3 copy09-01-09 Embarcadero3 copy09-01-09 glowall copy

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Aug. 26, 2009 SDF Microsoft Pearls of Wisdom

SDF logo2009 copyNorthrup Karen copyPolese Karen copySeelig Tina copyTellerman Shanna copyHerron Christine copy

On August 26, 2009 in Mountain View at the Microsoft Campus, SDForum, Women 2.0, Astia, and TiE Womens Forum hosted “Pearls of Wisdom from Successful Women Leaders.” Tina Seelig of Stanford Technology Ventures Program moderated panelists Karen Northup of Corefino, Shanna Tellerman of Sim Ops Studios, Kim Polese of SpikeSource and Christine Herron of First Round Capital. They discussed the challenges and opportunities for women as CEOs in today’s market. Sandra Chiang attended this event.

08-26-09 Microsoftbldg copy08-26-09 signs copy08-26-09 panel1 copy08-26-09 panel2 copy08-26-09 crowdpan1 copy08-26-09 crowd1 copy08-26-09 group2 copy08-26-09 group3 copy08-26-09 group4 copy08-26-09 group5 copy08-26-09 group6 copy08-26-09 group7 copy08-26-09 group8 copy08-26-09 group9 copy08-26-09 group10 copy08-26-09 group11 copy08-26-09 group12 copy08-26-09 group13 copy08-26-09 group14 copy08-26-09 group15 copy08-26-09 group16 copywhatiwishiknew copy08-26-09 greenchairs copy08-26-09 seatrows copy

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Oct. 21, 2008 SDF Biofuels

SDForum copy.jpgbarratt-john-copy.jpgbergasse-francois-copy.jpgblume-david-copy.jpgbridge-adam-copy.jpgcoleman-will-copy.jpgdowsett-derek-2-copy.jpggalbi-david-copy.jpggoo-ronlyn-copy.jpggranade-carole-copy.jpgjones-matt-copy.jpgkellerman-sirid-copy.jpglambert-lili-copy.jpglefleur-michael-copy.jpgmorrison-heath-copy.jpgstauffer-craig-copy.jpgswaminathan-rajesh-copy.jpgyoung-chandler-copy.jpg

On October 21, 2008 at the Cabaña Hotel and Resort in Palo Alto SDForum and Astia presented a Clean Tech Breakfast on the “Next Generation Biofuel Feedstock” sponsored by Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams. What’s it all about, algae? Is it algae bloom or bust? Will the scum of the earth make money? Will that stuff growing in your refrigerator help run it? Text from DJCline.com Continue reading Oct. 21, 2008 SDF Biofuels

Sept. 30, 2008 SDF Transportation

SDForum copy.jpgsdf-dec08-transportation.jpgdowsett-derek-copy.jpgghantous-dania-copy.jpghorning-david-copy.jpgmcgrath-paul-copy.jpgscheder-bieschen-max-copy.jpgtom-alfred-copy.jpg

On September 30, 2008 in San Francisco, SDForum and Astia held a Clean Tech Breakfast sponsored by Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams on “Innovation In Transportation”. Derek Dowsett of Moss Adams moderated panelists Dania Ghantous of Lion Cells, David Horning of Palo Alto Investors, Paul McGrath of RideSpring and Max Scheder-Bieschin of Barefoot Motors. Text from DJCline.com Continue reading Sept. 30, 2008 SDF Transportation

July 29, 2008 Clean Tech Batteries

SDForum copy.jpgchapman-jim-copy.jpgedwards-gwen-copy.jpgferber-rob-copy.jpgfinney-mike-copy.jpggiddings-john-copy.jpggillen-kathleen-copy.jpggilligan-kathleen-copy.jpggroves-ann-copy.jpggupta-atul-copy.jpghuang-ben-copy.jpgkim-jim-copy.jpgluo-howard-copy.jpgmaepa-linda-copy.jpgmapes-marie-copy.jpgmcfarlane-jennifer-copy.jpgmcgaraghan-scott-copy.jpgmenon-ravi-copy.jpgmerryweather-jan-copy.jpgmiller-joann-copy.jpgpayer-brian-copy.jpgpidgeon-jim-copy.jpgpreston-susan-copy.jpgshelby-jen-copy.jpgstiefel-lisa-copy.jpgstrohband-sven-copy.jpgvosmek-sharon-copy.jpgwalker-jules-copy.jpgwilson-steve-copy.jpgwinter-rick-copy.jpgzimring-seth-copy.jpgzolezzi-richard-copy.jpg

On July 29, 2008 at the Hotel Cabana in Palo Alto, Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams sponsored a panel discussion on battery storage technology. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Jen Shelby of Astia introduced moderator Jim Chapman of Nixon Peabody. On the panel was Jim Kim of CMEA, Scott McGaraghan of EnerNOC, Sven Strohband of MDV, Rick Winter of DEEYA Energy and Seth Zimring of PG&E. Continue reading July 29, 2008 Clean Tech Batteries

May 20, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Efficiency

SDForum copy.jpgauyang-heather-copy.jpgbarry-kevin-copy.jpgboland-rick-copy.jpgchoen-andrea-copy.jpgdomingos-john-copy.jpgfrancois-bergasse-copy.jpggentry-zach-copy.jpggrant-barbara-copy.jpgherlevi-kari-copy.jpghorne-donna-copy.jpghutheeinsg-vivek-copy.jpgjohnston-bennett-copy.jpglivingston-jonathan-copy.jpgminer-andy-copy.jpgmorrissey-anne-copy.jpgrand-steve-copy.jpgrizzi-simone-copy.jpgwoodward-tim-copy.jpg

On May 20, 2008 in San Francisco, Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams sponsored a presentation on how clean tech companies are increasing energy efficiency. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Anne Morrissey of ASTIA kicked off the event. Andrea Cohen of Nixon Peabody moderated a panel with panelists Zach Gentry of Adura Technologies, Barbara Grant of American River Ventures, Bennett Johnston of Lumenergi and Tim Woodward of Nth Power. Text from DJCline.com. Continue reading May 20, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Efficiency

Apr. 22, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Biofuels

SDForum copy.jpgsdf-aug08-ethanol.jpgalon-ricki-copy.jpgbearsworth-ed-copy.jpgbennett-keith-copy.jpgblake-richard-copy.jpgburrus-don-copy.jpgclark-gregory-copy.jpgcohen-andrea-copy.jpgdarmstaedter-eric-copy.jpgedwards-gwen-copy.jpgeudes-yves-copy.jpgfortney-ray-copy.jpgfox-paul-copy.jpgho-gordon-copy.jpghorn-james-copy.jpgkahn-brian-copy.jpgkan-martin-copy.jpgkatzir-oren-copy.jpgkaufman-david-copy.jpglangley-tristen-copy.jpglynn-kelsey-copy.jpgmatlof-jason-copy.jpgmeerman-hendrik-copy.jpgpedrozo-nelson-copy.jpgpidgeon-jim-copy.jpgporcino-betsy-copy.jpgport-david-copy.jpgrangan-gopi-copy.jpgreichert-bill-copy.jpgrobertson-jan-copy.jpgtaylor-paul-copy.jpgtoriello-nicholas-copy.jpgwilson-steve-copy.jpgwu-marianne-copy.jpg

On April 22, 2008 at AMD’s campus in Santa Clara, SDForum with Astia and Moss Adams presented this month’s Clean Tech Breakfast. The topic was “Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies – What’s Real?”From DJCline.com

Andrea Cohen of Nixon Peabody moderated a panel with Eric Darmstaedter of ClearFuels, Jason Matlof of Battery Ventures, Hendrick Meerman of Cobalt Biofuels, Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures and Marianne Wu of Mohr Davidow.From DJCline.com Continue reading Apr. 22, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Biofuels

Mar. 18, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Breakfast

SDForum copy.jpgnixonpeabodylogo.jpgbearsworth-ed-copy.jpgblake-richard-copy.jpgchapman-james-copy.jpgcorrales-eugenia-copy.jpgdrain-kieran-copy.jpgfinney-michael-copy.jpgflores-eugenia1-copy.jpghazelhurst-annie-copy.jpgjames-andy-copy.jpgjohnson-angeline-copy.jpglarsen-karin-copy.jpglebeck-sue-copy.jpgmatlof-jason-copy.jpgmccomb-dan-copy.jpgmortilla-rose-copy.jpgmurphy-ashley-copy.jpgoconnor-nick-copy.jpgshankar-gopal-copy.jpg

On March 18, 2008 in San Francisco at Nixon Peabody, SDForum with Astia and Moss Adams presented the third annual Clean Tech Breakfast. The topic was “Solar Technology – what are the winning technologies? Where will the successes come from?”DJCline.com

Continue reading Mar. 18, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Breakfast