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Jul. 17, 2017 Musk Artificial Intelligence

On Jul. 17, 2017 CNN reported that Elon Musk of Tesla appeared at the National Governor’s Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. He said that artificial intelligence was an existential threat. Robots will do our jobs better. Of course, if we are not working, we will not be able to afford electric cars The irony is that it will take artificial intelligence to develop self driving cars.

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Mar. 28 2017 Elon Musk Neuralink

On Mar. 28 2017 CNN announced Elon Musk was forming Neuralink, a medical research company to develop a “neural lace” or symbiotic digital layer to the human brain. The idea is to get around the i/o barrier with a direct cortical interface through veins and arteries to the neurons. Musk thinks artificial intelligence may make humans obsolete and this implant may be away to remain relevant. Otherwise, we may become the equivalent of house cats. Let us hope for a forever home.

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