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Apr. 1, 2012 Blumbers

April Fools Now Hiring

The economy is recovering but lots of companies are out of practice in hiring good people. Here is one story.

A friend was looking for work. They sent a new company a resume. Their HR person sees my friend’s resume and forwards the resume to a hiring manager. The manager asks the HR to set up a phone interview.

The friend has an old land line number with an answering machine. This is the number on the resume. It is used for messages, that way recruiters do not bother my friend at work. Clients get priority over recruiters.

When the HR person sets up the interview, my friend emails back that the hiring manager should contact them at their cell phone number and not the landline number on the resume. This is mentioned not only in the text but in the subject line of the email.

When the appointed time rolls around, the hiring manager calls the land line number and leaves three messages over ten minutes. He does not leave his phone number on any of them.

Meanwhile my friend is frantically checking these useless voicemail messages and sends a message to the HR person saying “Did you give the hiring manager my cell phone number?” The HR person then actually reads the email from yesterday and passes on the correct phone number. The phone interview got off on an awkward point and went downhill from there.

If your company is hiring, the first person you should hire is an experienced recruiter. Someone who actually reads email. They should be able to not only get a candidate’s contact information but make sure they have the hiring manager’s contact information in case there is a breakdown in communication.

My friend decided to go to a competitor. Their hiring manager called directly. They talked shop for an hour and then closed the deal right there and then. Talent attracts talent.

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