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Jan. 26, 2012 STC Joe Welinske Optimize Googleability

On January 26, 2012 in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Joe Welinske of WritersUA  to speak about “Optimizing the Googleability of Your Content.” To get a higher rank with search engine optimization (SEO), create fresh HTML content on a registered site with a public facing server. Create relevant links and metadata. Consider search engines other than Google like Alexa, Bing or Yahoo.

Welinske wants people to think about the growing mobile needs of the Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices as seen in his new book “Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps.”

More information will be presented at the Conference for Software User Assistance on March 11-14, 2012 in Memphis Tennessee.

Please join us on February 23, 2012 for the February STC Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting to be held at the Hola! Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, located at 1015 Alameda de las Pulgas in Belmont. The meeting starts at 6 PM. This topic will be “Learning How to Communicate Better with Numbers” with Randall Bolten.

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Aug. 29, 2011 SVForum Creaza Cloud Video Editing

On August 29, 2011 in Palo Alto at Pillsbury Winthrop, the SVForum Digital Media SIG hosted Jostein Svendsen of Creaza’s presentation “Social Video Editing: Taking Video Storytelling to the Cloud.” Over sixty percent of all web traffic is video, most of it unedited. Soon every phone will have a video camera and web access but there are no simple tools that billions people could easily use.

Creaza takes advantage of the growth of social media, online video, the cloud computing and mobile devices. After developing a successful product for school children in Europe, They created an online video application in the cloud so people can collaborate and create on the same video. Using low quality video is free but they do charge for high definition video. It appears to work in real time. Unfortunately they are using Flash. With management in Norway and developers in Romania, they hope to have an Apple iOS solution soon.

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