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Aug. 5, 2010 SDF Water Crisis

On Thursday, August 5, 2010 in Menlo Park at Orrick, the SDForum Green and Clean Evening Series presented “The Water Crisis: An Update on the Challenges in Water Efficiency and Treatment?” Mitch Zuklie of Orrick moderated panelists Anup Jacob of Virgin Green Fund, Bill Kocher of Santa Cruz Water Department, City of Santa Cruz, Bruce Keiser of Cohesive Ventures and Tamin Pechet of Banyan Water.

The panel talked about the global water crisis and what could be done about better water efficiency and treatment. Americans don’t think much about how much water because on average they pay little for it. The cost is higher elsewhere. Around the world over two billion people don’t have safe drinking water or proper sanitation.

Most water is used for agriculture with hundreds of million of dollars spent on dams, canals, pipelines, pumps and all the energy to keep it running. The current California system of extraction is not sustainable must be replaced with systems that reclaim or desalinate water.

We must manage the demand for water the way we manage the demand for electricity. This is where entrepreneurs can step in. Most water utilities have infrastructure that is near a century old and needs upgrading as badly as the technology networks to manage it. There are opportunities for companies offering better data collection and analysis. The challenge is putting together an experienced team. Investing in water is not like investing in software. Investors need to commit to nearly ten years before they might see an exit.

James Downey of Dell  has written a summary of this event at:


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