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Sep. 19, 2013 IBM Smart Camp

ibmlogo Alexander Josh 2 Apse Eric China John 2 Christman Michael Donny Lance 2 FanMunce Claudia copy Gorenberg Mark Gresty Michael 2 Hill Barry Loeprich Kurt LucasConwell Susan 9 copy Megill Scott 2 Magid Deborah Mishra VishPaolo Nina Porter Kelly Reichert Bill Shipley Chris Tam Ying 2 Winblad Ann

On September 19, 2013 in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum, IBM held their North America Regional SmartCamp “Looking for Entrepreneurs who want to Build a Smarter Planet!” Startups had access to venture capitalists, industry experts, press, entrepreneurial organizations, academics, marketing and technology experts. Winners go on to compete for IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year for 2013. Claudia Fan Munce, IBM Managing Director, Venture Capital Group and Vice President Corporate Strategy moderated panelists John China of Silicon Valley Bank, Mark Gorenberg of Hummer Winblad and Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures who talked about what they look for in startups. Phil Gilbert, General Manager, IBM Design gave the first keynote and Chris Shipley, CEO, Guidewire Labs gave the second. Eric Apse, Partner with IBM’s Venture Capital Group introduced the contestants Josh Alexander of Toopher, Michael Gresty of Rifiniti, Barry Hill of Connectem, Ying Tam of Mindful Scientific and the two winners Lance Donny of OnFarm Systems and Scott Megill of Coriell Life Sciences.

Also attending were Susan Lucas Conwell, Vish Mishra, Nina Paolo, Kelly Porter and Ann Winblad.

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Jul. 8, 2013 SVForum Visionaries


Here are some pictures of SVForum’s Visionaries over the years. Contact me for rights and permissions. Pictured are Forest Baskett, Eric Benhamou, Marc Benioff, Vinton Cerf, John Chambers, James Clark, John Doerr, William H. Draper III, Esther Dyson, Doug Engelbart, Judy Estrin, Carly Fiorina, Bill Gates, Louis Gerstner, James Gosling, Diane Greene, Promod Haque, Reed Hastings, Dr. Hermann Hauser, Trip Hawkins, John Hennessy, Reid Hoffman, Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Guy Kawasaki, Vinod Khosla, Steve Kirsch, Dick Kramlich, Sandra Kurtzig, Steven Levy, Scott McNealy, Craig O. McCaw, Gordon Moore, Michael Mortiz, Walter S. Mossberg, Nathan Myhrvold, Ray Ozzie, Arthur Patterson, Arthur Rock, T.J. Rodgers, Heidi Roizen, Brent Schlender, Terry Semel, Chris Shipley, Larry Sonsini, Guy L. “Bud” Tribble, Ann Winblad, Steve Wozniak.

Baskett Forest copy Benhamou Eric copy Benioff Marc 2 Blank Steve Chambers John Cerf Vincent Clark Jim Diamandis Peter Doerr John Draper Bill copy Dyson Esther Engelbart Doug 3 copy Estrin Judy copy Fiorina Carly Gates Bill copy Gerstner Louis Gosling James copy Greene Diane copy Haque Promod copy Hauser Hermann copy Hasting Reed Hawkins Trip Hennessy John Hoffman Reid copy Jacobs Irwin Kawasaki Guy copy Khosla Vinod KIrsch Steve Kramlich Dick Kurtzig Sandy Kurzweil Ray 2 Levy Steven 3 copy McCaw Craig McNealy Scott Moore Gordon Moritz Michael Mossberg Walter Myhrvold Nathan Ozzie Ray Patterson Arthur copy Rock Arthur Rodgers TJ copy Roizen Heidi Schlender Brent copy Semel Terry Shipley Chris copy Sonsini Larry Tribble Bud copy Warrior Padmasree Winblad Ann Wozniak Steve 12

I am still looking through the archives for Marc Andreessen, Craig R. Barrett, Carol Bartz, Andy Bechtolsheim, Grady Booch, John Seely Brown, Nolan Bushnell, Kaye Caldwell, Edwin Catmull, JoMei Chang, Alfred Chuang, Ron Conway, Scott Cook, Alan Cooper, Donna Dubinsky, Kamran Elahian, Charles Geschke, Jeff Hawkins, Gerald Kearby, Kay Koplovitz, Robert Metcalfe, Catherine Muther, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Proulx, Sandy Robertson, Alain Rossman, Jeff Skoll, Jimmy Treybig, John Warnock, Jerry Yang.

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Jan. 19, 2012 SVForum SVASE Merger

Jan. 19, 2012 in Redwood City at the Sobrato Center for Nonprofits-Redwood Shores, SVForum and SVASE celebrated the joining of members and resources. SVForum speakers included CEO Chris Gill, Board Member Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad and Deborah Magid of IBM Venture Capital Group who will be the incoming Chair and Director. SVASE speakers included Board Members Laura Pickering of Sizijee and Jim Connor of Sand Hill Angels. KV Rao of Zuora spoke about how these organizations helped him get funding.

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Oct. 28, 2008 SDF Venture Circle Dinner

SDForum copy.jpgbardaliwalla-nenshad-copy.jpgbhardwaj-mona-copy.jpgdaver-vispi-copy.jpggran-gamiel-copy.jpghedges-joseph-copy.jpgkerr-geoff-copy.jpgleckie-lars-copy.jpgmann-darlene-copy.jpgmita-yasuhiro-copy.jpgnishida-yosuke-copy.jpgnunes-alessandra-copy.jpgparks-leslie-copy.jpgpoonen-sanjay-copy.jpgreale-steve-copy.jpgreynolds-anthony-copy.jpgsadan-itai-copy.jpgtheis-rob-copy.jpgtirri-henry-2-copy.jpgwinblad-ann-copy.jpg

October 28, 2008 at SAP Labs in Palo Alto SDForum held an exclusive Venture Circle Dinner to invited venture capitalist and sponsors. Sanjay Poonen, SVP and GM of Performance Optimization Applications at Business Objects presented “A New Class of Business User Applications: How They Are Relevant In Uncertain Economic Times.” Continue reading Oct. 28, 2008 SDF Venture Circle Dinner