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Aug. 12, 2013 The New Yorker

On Aug. 12, 2013 The New Yorker‘s James Surowiecki wrote “The Pay Is Too Damn Low” about raising the minimum wage to lift workers out of poverty. Possible solutions include expanding government ¬†programs for earned income tax credits, access to child care and health care. The real solution is the creation of middle class jobs like improving infrastructure.

Sarah Stillman wrote “Taken” about the police and governments seizing what little property the innocent poor still own by calling it asset forfeiture. It is based on the ¬†eighteenth century Royal British idea called “writs of assistance” but was one the reasons for the American Revolution. The founding fathers saw it as unreasonable search and seizure, but it was revived during the Reagan Administration. The reduction in taxes forced police to raise money through seizures. It could happen anywhere but there are places to avoid. Avoid Tehana, Texas. Avoid Tulsa Oklahoma. Avoid the District of Columbia. Avoid Monroe, North Carolina. Avoid Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Avoid Emporia, Virginia. Avoid Phoenix, Arizona. Bal Harbor, Florida. Avoid Detroit, Michigan.

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The Great Upheaval

America And The Birth Of The Modern World 1788-1800

By Jay Wink

This covers the period from the end of the American Revolution to the end of the French Revolution, with a failed Russian Revolution in between. Wink does a good job describing how awful life was for the 99 percent of the world and how different members of the one percent dealt with it. Apparently austerity doesn’t work when you tell people who have nothing they will have to do with less. When they are forced onto the streets they tend to stay there and protest. A cautionary tale.

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Dec. 20, 2010 The New Yorker

On Dec. 20, 2010 The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki wrote “Groupon Clipping” about Internet companies trying remain relevant or part of the next big thing like Google trying to buy Groupon.

Michael Specter wrote “The Doomsday Strain” about scientist Nathan Wolfe’s searching the world for new diseases and cures.

David Owen wrote “The Efficiency Dilemma” about US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and the idea that increasing energy efficiency might mean we just use more energy.

Pankaj Mishra wrote “Staying Power” about Mao Zedong’s rise in China.

Caleb Crain wrote “Tea And Antipathy” about the real Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution.

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