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Jul. 27, 2013 Commonwealth Club Speakers


Here are some Commonwealth Club speakers. Pictured are Asha Agarwal, Dan Ashley, Michael Blum, Tom Brokaw, Jerry Brown, Susie Buell, Paul Carroll, Flora Castillo, Aneesh Chopra, Thomas Countryman, Martin Dempsey, Rorke Denver, Rod Diridon, Jack Dorsey, Malcolm Dougherty, Mortimer Downey, Diane Feinstein, Joseph Fink, Mariano Florentino Cuellar, Barney Frank, Timothy Geitner, Julius Genachowski, Tony Haymet, Katrina Heron, Brian Michael Jenkins, David Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Adam Lashinsky, Grace Lee, Jim Lehrer, Mark Matthews, Mark Mazzetti, Norman Mineta, Jeff Morales, Seyed Mousavian, Robert Mueller, Eli Pariser, Todd Park, Barbara Pivnicka, Colin Powell, Anita Raghavan, Cecile Richards, George Scalise, Scott Shafer, George Shultz, Mark Smith, Sonja Sotomayor, Kara Swisher, Kathryn Thomson, Carolyn Tyler, Steve Wozniak, Philip Yun.

Agrawal Asha  Thomson Kathryn Bourgeois John     Castillo Flora  Constantinovici Lina   Denver Rorke Diridon Rod  Dougherty Malcom Downey Mortimer Feinstein Diane 2   Frank Barney   Grossinger Robin Grove Deb   Jenkins Brian      Lew Jack 2 Lowe Jeremy  Matthews Chris  Mazzetti Mark 3 McNealy Scott 6 Mineta Norman Morales Jeff   Newsom Gavin copy Oconnor Philip   Pivnicka Barbara  Raghavan Anita Reaser Lynn Reich Robert 5   Shultz GeorgenShafer Scott  Sotomayor Sonia2  Thomson Kathryn Tickle Naomi  Wharton Ken Wozniak Steve 12 

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Apr. 26, 2012 US Sec. Treasury Timothy Geithner

On April 26, 2012, in San Francisco at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the Commonwealth Club hosted US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner. Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine asked him about the state of U.S. and Global Economies before he headed off with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the 2012 U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

Geithner reminded the audience of the crisis the Obama Aministration inherited at the end of 2008, with a nine percent drop in growth and millions more people unemployed every month. He felt the bailouts and stimulus packages were necessary based on his studies of history. Too often governments try to reach prosperity buy cutting their way to austerity, often stalling their recovery. A measured stimulus with steady growth has brought the US economy back from the brink. He knows there are continuing Occupy protests concerned about the economic injustice of the one percent toward the ninety-nine percent.

The global economy is split with the rapid growth in Asia and debt crisis in Europe. He thinks it is important to continue to support European efforts to resolve the crisis. He hopes China will change its policy toward the exchange rates of its currency with the dollar. Despite the differences between America, China and Europe, they all have rapidly aging populations, rising energy demands and the need for continued growth.

Also covering this event were Grace Lee of CBS-TV, Mark Niu of CCTV, Doug Sovern of CBS Radio, Carolyn Tyler of ABC-TV.

Finally, Wendy Wanderman of the Commonwealth Club will be moving on. Congratulations! You will be missed.

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Feb. 6, 2012 Fortune

On Feb. 6, 2012 Fortune magazine’s Adam Lashinsky wrote “The Secrets Apple Keeps” about a company keeping a lid on new products to keep a competitive advantage. It is a paranoid place that is not always a lot of fun to work for. The pay is competitive but people still want to work there for the prestige. Lashinsky also interviewed Google’s  Larry Page. Compared to Apple Google seems more open and fun loving.

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman wrote “The Real Way To Network” about building relationships versus traditional networking. Dale Carnegie is still relevant.

David A. Kaplan wrote “Salesforce’s Happy Workforce” about Marc Benioff’s philosophy and practice of trying to do the right thing.

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