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Oct. 13, 2012 ACM Data Mining Camp


On Saturday, October 13, 2011 in San Jose at eBay, the San Francisco Bay ACM held an unconference Data Mining Camp. ACM Data Mining SIG Chair Patricia Hoffman and organizer Greg Makowski welcomed the crowd. Andrew Ng of Stanford gave the keynote “The Online Revolution: High-Quality Education for Everyone.” He showed how it was possible to teach, grade and accredit millions of students around the world. It may solve the logistical problem of educating seven billion people.

Also on hand were:

Junling Hu on recommender systems are being used by an increasing number of E-commerce sites to help consumers find products to purchase.

Peter Kassakian on Inferring Statistical Structure.

Bob Kirby on Representing Knowledge using Conditional Probabilities and Primitives.

Nick Kolegraff onĀ using Data Zen to battle data dementia.

Dave Nielsen on Big Data Analytics systems such as Apache Drill, Dremal, Druid and IBM Stream

Paul O’Rorke on data science and building and contributing to strong analytics, data engineering and data science groups.

Antonio Piccolboni on RHadoop, an open source project combining the convenience and sophistication of R with the scalability of Hadoop.

Liana Ye on Transparent Information Infrastructure. A transparent information system means transparency in five different aspects: data, engineering, inner self, business and politics.

Michael Zeller on what Zementis and PMML.

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