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Jun. 24, 2011 SVLG Energy Summit

On Friday, June 24, 2011 in Palo Alto at Stanford University, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group hosted the “2011 Silicon Valley Energy Summit.”

James Sweeney of Precourt Energy Efficiency Center moderated panelists Larry Goulder, Stanford’s Chair of Economics Department, Michael Gibbs, California EPA’s Deputy Secretary for Climate, and Michael Wara, Stanford’s Expert on Environmental Law and Policy. The topic was “California’s Carbon Policy – Implementing a California-specific or California and regional cap-and-trade.” Unless it is part of a larger system, it won’t mean much.

Shannon Fraser of the US Department of Commerce moderated panelists EPRI Fellow Clark Gellings, Drew Hanser of SRI International, and Lee Burrows of VantagePoint Capital Partners. The topic was “Smart Grid: Costs, Benefits, and Business Opportunities.” Since the market has not settled, there are still lots of opportunities.

Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner of DBL investors moderated panelists Francisco Sánchez, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade for the US Dept of Commerce and Bill Watkins, CEO of Bridgelux. The topic was “Keeping California Competitive in Clean Tech.” California has a commanding lead because of Silicon Valley and long term state policy to develop clean tech.

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