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1177 B.C.: When Civilization Collapsed

By Eric Cline

An archaeologist named Cline wanted to go back in time and find out why several Bronze Age advanced societies collapsed almost simultaneously. While there were ways to store and retrieve information, most of that disappeared in the collapse. He traveled extensively and established a network of experts in a number of fields to examine his findings. He discovered that the wealthy elite of all the different societies had complex trade agreements so they could exchange luxury goods. They accumulated large stockpiles of weapons and standing armies to protect themselves from poor hungry peasants. The elite did not create resilient governments to deal with climate change, earthquakes, immigration and inequality. Several leaders proposed building walls, but their palaces were destroyed by angry mobs. A perfect storm of natural and man-made disasters destroyed civilization and the surviving illiterate poor people struggled to rebuild. He worried if it could happen again. He wrote about what he found, hoping that future archaeologists will learn from him.

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