Aug. 15, 2008 SDF Innovation and Research Fair

SDForum copy.jpgbajarin-ben-copy.jpgfriedrich-rich-copy.jpglevin-roy-copy.jpgmagid-deborah-copy.jpgmancini-max-copy.jpgmeike-roger-copy.jpgnassi-ike-copy.jpgneimat-anne-marie-copy.jpgsmith-david-copy.jpgyu-harold-copy.jpg

On Aug. 15, 2008 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, SDForum held the Corporate Innovation and Research Fair. Technology leaders from eBay, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sun talked about innovation and collaborating with entrepreneurs. You would think that all these fierce competitors under one roof would be like watching a watering hole in Africa. In fact everybody faced the same challenges of creating something new and getting it in the hands of customers. Text from Continue reading Aug. 15, 2008 SDF Innovation and Research Fair

July 29, 2008 Clean Tech Batteries

SDForum copy.jpgchapman-jim-copy.jpgedwards-gwen-copy.jpgferber-rob-copy.jpgfinney-mike-copy.jpggiddings-john-copy.jpggillen-kathleen-copy.jpggilligan-kathleen-copy.jpggroves-ann-copy.jpggupta-atul-copy.jpghuang-ben-copy.jpgkim-jim-copy.jpgluo-howard-copy.jpgmaepa-linda-copy.jpgmapes-marie-copy.jpgmcfarlane-jennifer-copy.jpgmcgaraghan-scott-copy.jpgmenon-ravi-copy.jpgmerryweather-jan-copy.jpgmiller-joann-copy.jpgpayer-brian-copy.jpgpidgeon-jim-copy.jpgpreston-susan-copy.jpgshelby-jen-copy.jpgstiefel-lisa-copy.jpgstrohband-sven-copy.jpgvosmek-sharon-copy.jpgwalker-jules-copy.jpgwilson-steve-copy.jpgwinter-rick-copy.jpgzimring-seth-copy.jpgzolezzi-richard-copy.jpg

On July 29, 2008 at the Hotel Cabana in Palo Alto, Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams sponsored a panel discussion on battery storage technology. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Jen Shelby of Astia introduced moderator Jim Chapman of Nixon Peabody. On the panel was Jim Kim of CMEA, Scott McGaraghan of EnerNOC, Sven Strohband of MDV, Rick Winter of DEEYA Energy and Seth Zimring of PG&E. Continue reading July 29, 2008 Clean Tech Batteries

July 15, 2008 SDF Digital Media

SDForum copy.jpgashraf-jemel-copy.jpgbertasi-jamie-copy.jpgcollins-john-copy.jpgdoran-mike-copy.jpgharinstein-jason-copy.jpgheisterberg-rod-copy.jpgkenner-mark-copy.jpgkinzelberg-chad-copy.jpglashkari-yezdi-copy.jpgnixey-peter-copy.jpgpestori-florian-copy.jpgrosenheim-david-copy.jpgroussel-annemarie-copy.jpgsekiguchi-yuki-copy.jpgsmith-ethan-copy.jpgstevens-jason-copy.jpgwaters-adam-copy.jpg

On July 15, 2008 SDF held the Digital Media Quarterly at Fish Richardson in Redwood City. Mike Doran of Fish & Richardson moderated a panel with Jamie Bertasi of Tellme, Jason Harinstein of Google, Chad Kinzelberg of Scale Venture Partners, Yezdi Lashkari of mXact, and Anne-Marie Roussel of Microsoft. They discussed the digital media business models, the pitfalls and what technologies are driving new media. Continue reading July 15, 2008 SDF Digital Media

July 8, 2008 SDF Social Search

SDForum copy.jpgcalcanis-jason-copy.jpgrashtchy-safa-copy.jpgsteinberg-ari-copy.jpgsullivan-nick-copy.jpgtaylor-bret-copy.jpg

On Tuesday July 8, 2008 SDF hosted Social Search “Will Community Wisdom Take Search and Discovery to the Next Level?” Safa Rashtchy, Piper Jaffrey’s Managing Director for Global Internet Media moderated a panel with Jason Calcanis of Mahalo, Ari Steinberg of Facebook, Nick Sullivan of Wikia and Bret Taylor of Friendfeed. Text from Continue reading July 8, 2008 SDF Social Search

July 8, 2008 SDF VC PWC

SDForum copy.jpgbengston-steve-face.jpgburks-sylvia-copy.jpgeichenlaub-steve-copy.jpghorning-david-copy.jpgnieh-peter-copy.jpgtrevithick-matthew-copy.jpg

On July 8, 2008 at Pillsbury Winthrop in Palo Alto, SDForum held the Quarterly Venture Breakfast Series in collaboration with PWC. They discussed trends in venture investments in Clean Tech. Steve Bengston of PricewaterhouseCoopers gave an overview of the current situation. Text from Continue reading July 8, 2008 SDF VC PWC

July 2, 2008 SDF Breakfast

SDForum copy.jpggostrer-vladimir-copy.jpgstein-fred-copy.jpgstrohecker-michael-copy.jpgvijayan-jayadeep-copy.jpg

On July 2, 2008 SDForum’s Susan Lucas-Conwell held a strategy breakfast for volunteers like Vladimir Gostrer of EFI, Shirley Lin of, Dave Nielsen of platform d, Fred Stein of Partner Programs, Michael Strohecker of the South East England Development Agency, Richard Taylor of SenSage, Shirley Lin of, Jayabeep Vijayan of NeST, and Kimberly Weifling of Weifling Consulting. Text from Continue reading July 2, 2008 SDF Breakfast

June 26, 2008 STC DITA

STClogo copy.jpgames-andrea-copy.jpggoering-tom-copy.jpggrey-joanne-2-copy.jpginkster-carolyn-copy.jpgmorgan-martha-copy.jpg

On Thursday June 26, 2008 at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter held a panel on DITA. Andrea Ames of IBM moderated a panel consisting of Fair-Isaac’s Tom Goering, MaxiScales’s Joanne Grey, IBM’s Carolyn Inkster and NetApp’s Martha Morgan. They shared their experiences in planning, preparing and implementing DITA projects as a huge undertaking or as a single-handed effort. Text from Continue reading June 26, 2008 STC DITA

June 25, 2008 SDF Visionary Awards

SDForum copy.jpgatkinson-richard-copy.jpgbaskett-forrest-copy.jpgbrackeen-debra-copy.jpgbraithwaite-kevin-copy.jpgbyers-tom-copy.jpgcarpenter-teresa-copy.jpggreene-diane-copy.jpghasting-reed-copy.jpgherz-peter-copy.jpgjacobs-irwin-copy.jpgjasin-joe-2-copy.jpgkerr-geoff-copy.jpgkirsch-steve-copy.jpgleckie-lars-copy.jpglevy-steven-2-copy.jpglucas-conwell-susan3.jpgmann-darlene-copy.jpgmarkoff-john-2-copy.jpgmasisak-rebecca-copy.jpgmilhem-ray-copy.jpgmorgenthaler-gary-copy.jpgortix-alex-copy.jpgreale-steve-copy.jpgreed-chuck-2-copy.jpgrichter-chris-copy.jpgroisen-heidi-face.jpgrosenblum-mendel-copy.jpgsandell-scott-face.jpgtakahashi-dean-2-copy.jpgturezyn-virginia-copy.jpgvangool-ella-copy.jpgveerina-mashesh-copy.jpgzhang-greg-copy.jpg

On June 20, 2008, Heidi Roizen hosted the SDForum’s 2008 Visionary Awards, given to pioneers leading the way in high technology. Executive Director Susan Lucas-Conwell welcomed San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed who praised this year’s guests and awardees. Scott Sandell of NEA introduced fellow partner and Visionary Forrest Baskett. Dr. Mendel Rosenblum of VMware introduced his CEO and Visionary Diane Greene. Tim Haley of Redpoint introduced Netflix founder and Visionary Reed Hastings. Dr. Richard C. Atkinson of the University of California introduced Qualcomm chairman and Visionary Irwin Jacobs. John Markoff of the New York Times introduced Visionary Steven Levy who recently left Newsweek to begin writing for Wired magazine. Text from Continue reading June 25, 2008 SDF Visionary Awards

June 4, 2008 SDF Grassroots IT

SDForum copy.jpg06-04-08-efrusywong-copy.jpg06-04-08-fireside1-copy.jpg06-04-08-panel1-copy.jpg06-04-08-fireside2-copy.jpg06-04-08-panel2-copy.jpg06-04-08-panel3-copy.jpg06-04-08-fireside3-copy.jpg06-04-08-crowd2-copy.jpg

On June 4, 2008 at Cooley Godward Kronish in Palo Alto, SDForum and Accel presented “The Consumerization of Software”. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Kevin Efrusy of Accel welcomed the large crowd to talk about the big shift in adopting technology. Text from Continue reading June 4, 2008 SDF Grassroots IT

The Complete Cartoons Of The NewYorker


Edited By Robert Mankoff

Foreword By David Remnik

Introduction By Adam Gopnik Text from

Get this book and the DVD that comes with it! There are tens of thousands of cartoons covering some eighty years of the NewYorker magazine. Cartoonists range from James Thurber to Charles Addams, meaning there is something for everybody in this tome. Highly recommended.

Copyright 2008 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

May 22, 2008 Future Salon Maasai

BAF logo2.jpgcherlin-edward-copy.jpgfinnern-mark-face.jpggrasz-erna-copy.jpgmaasai-sabore-copy.jpgole-ntutu-salaton-copy.jpg

On Thursday May 22, 2008 at SAP in Palo Alto the Bay Area Future Salon hosted Erna Grasz of the Asante Foundation and two members of Kenya’s Maasai tribe. Salaton Ole’ Ntutu is a shaman and his companion Sabore is a warrior. Text from Continue reading May 22, 2008 Future Salon Maasai

May 21, 2008 SDF Harvard Angels

SDForum copy.jpgcervantez-tom-copy.jpgferguson-michael-copy.jpggelobter-michel-copy.jpgih-ronald-copy.jpglague-come-copy.jpglee-john-copy.jpgmasud-sajjad-copy.jpgpandey-lina-copy.jpgsamachisa-mike-copy.jpgsarner-jc-copy.jpg

On May 21, 2008 in East Palo Alto at DLA Piper SDForum for startups to present to the Harvard Angels Selection Committee. When I first heard of name “Harvard Angels” I thought they were a well-dressed motorcycle gang. It turns out they ride in to town to raise money instead of hell. Any disruption they cause will be in technology. Text from DJCline.comm

They are members of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Northern California and the Harvard Club of San Francisco. During the past year they made early stage investments from $100,000 to $500,000. They advise on writing executive summaries and pitching their companies in three minutes.

Tom Cervantez of of Davis Wright Tremaine moderated the panel consisting of Come Lague, Active Angel and VC with Nueva Ventures, Sajjad Masud, Angel and founder of Apvision, J.C. Sarner, Angel Investor and co-founder of Optimizing Software Tools. They listened to the following pitches.

Michel Gelobter of Cooler wants to connect every purchase with a solution for global warming.

John Lee and Mike Samachisma of Bardo Entertainment offered an online virtual reality for pop culture.

Lina Pandey of GreenBack Systems has an authentication system for financial institutions.

Ron Ih of GoPlay Network created a new way for fantasy sports fan to interact online with real leagues.

Michael Ferguson, Managing Partner of Eccogen presented a campus card program where students could reload a prepaid card.

If you can’t go to Harvard go to a Harvard Angel. I still wonder if they have pinstripe leather jackets.


Copyright 2008 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

May 20, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Efficiency

SDForum copy.jpgauyang-heather-copy.jpgbarry-kevin-copy.jpgboland-rick-copy.jpgchoen-andrea-copy.jpgdomingos-john-copy.jpgfrancois-bergasse-copy.jpggentry-zach-copy.jpggrant-barbara-copy.jpgherlevi-kari-copy.jpghorne-donna-copy.jpghutheeinsg-vivek-copy.jpgjohnston-bennett-copy.jpglivingston-jonathan-copy.jpgminer-andy-copy.jpgmorrissey-anne-copy.jpgrand-steve-copy.jpgrizzi-simone-copy.jpgwoodward-tim-copy.jpg

On May 20, 2008 in San Francisco, Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams sponsored a presentation on how clean tech companies are increasing energy efficiency. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Anne Morrissey of ASTIA kicked off the event. Andrea Cohen of Nixon Peabody moderated a panel with panelists Zach Gentry of Adura Technologies, Barbara Grant of American River Ventures, Bennett Johnston of Lumenergi and Tim Woodward of Nth Power. Text from Continue reading May 20, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Efficiency

May 13, 2008 SDF Teen Tech 2

SDForum copy.jpgagrawal-athias-copy.jpgalexander-deanna-copy.jpgbajarin-ben-copy.jpgbolwell-andrew-copy.jpgbraccia-andrew-copy.jpgbrackeen-debra-copy.jpgbrusilovsky-daniel-copy.jpgchoudhary-anirudh-copy.jpgdeglin-george-copy.jpgdonohue-stacy-copy.jpgescobedo-richard-copy.jpgfranusic-joel-copy.jpggibbs-mike-copy.jpggibbs-peggy-copy.jpgha-oanh-copy.jpghathi-sekal-copy.jpghoffman-steve-copy.jpgirwin-jeff-copy.jpgjoh-jae-copy.jpgkamrin-ameer-copy.jpgkapur-ravi-copy.jpgkarras-jeff-copy.jpgkazerooni-mazy-copy.jpgkobylarz-constance-copy.jpgkumar-shooby-copy.jpgleopoldtilley-allison-copy.jpglevide-cliff-copy.jpglevine-drew-copy.jpglevy-mitchell-copy.jpglewin-jd-copy.jpglibova-alina-copy.jpgliddle-daniel-copy.jpglindsay-jeff-copy.jpglodha-surahbi-copy.jpgmagid-larry-copy.jpgmonsalve-sergio-copy.jpgnoguchi-sharon-copy.jpgoishi-lindsay-copy.jpgolson-stephanie-copy.jpgosborn-jon-copy.jpgpande-mani-copy.jpgpelton-charles-copy.jpgpetersson-viktor-copy.jpgpriyanka-bhatia-copy.jpgrodhe-karen-copy.jpgsakai-john-copy.jpgsamar-anshul-copy.jpgsamar-vipin-copy.jpgshalavi-alex-copy.jpgsiebert-jeff-copy.jpgsmith-adam-copy.jpgsmith-whitney-copy.jpgstock-elizabeth-copy.jpgstrange-angela-copy.jpgthompson-matt-copy.jpgtruong-salina-copy.jpgvan-diggelen-alison-copy.jpgwilde-jonathan-copy.jpgwu-elaine-copy.jpg

On May 13, 2008 at HP in Palo Alto, SDForum held it’s second annual Teen Tech event. NPR, the San Jose Mercury News and CBS 60 Minutes covered this year’s bigger event.

One way to see the future is to meet the people who will be living in it. The Teen Tech event is a good way to see what the next fifty years will be like. Teens connect with each other while moving through physical and virtual space using voice, video, text messaging and games. Teens are moving beyond social networking to building businesses with each other. The question is not what technology teens will buy but what technology they will sell to the rest of us.

SDForum’s CEO Susan Lucas-Conwell and HP’s Debra Brackeen kicked off the event by introducing Anshul Samar of Alchemist Empire. Samar created a game where chemical elements and compounds become essentially action figures with particular properties. It has sold thousands of copies around the world.

Stephanie Olsen of Cnet moderated the High School panel with Deanna Alexander, Priyanka Bhatia, Sekal Hathi and Jonathan Wilde. Teens seldom watch TV but do watch YouTube. It would be nice to see a new episode on a big TV. They listen to music from iTunes and movies on Netflix and search for reviews on Google. They spend six hours a day on the laptops doing homework, reading and e-mailing because it can reach teachers, relatives or potential employers outside their age group. Students want teachers to create consistent user interfaces with lectures online and interactive whiteboards for online classes.

While they have no trouble learning new technical skills they still want to work on their real world social skills. Facebook is more popular and less complicated than MySpace. Most smart phones are not as smart as the iPhone. They want GPS, decent video and calendars interfaces that are easier to use. Like their parents, they are very concerned about privacy and safety. They are more likely to participate in causes online than their parents.

Allison Leopold Tilley of Pillsbury Winthrop moderated the second panel with Steve Hoffman of ROCKETON, JD Lewin of Microsoft, Matt Thompson of Sun, and Ameer Karim of HP. Millennials are so adept at new technology that their parents ask them for technical advice. They see teens more mobile, more virtual and more likely to use or develop open source applications. They are also more fickle and likely to drop a brand or technology if something better comes along. They have to see value before buying.

Online games are attracting millions of players usually by personal recommendations. Games designed by teens will be played by teens. They want to be able to create and control their online identities across platforms. They want to have their Grand Theft Auto avatar on their Facebook account.

Karen Rohde of SUN talked with Mani Pande of Institute for the Future about teens in the workforce. To attract talent companies will need to use blogs, wikis, instant messaging and texting. Teens multitask and will text message each other while in a meeting. They are more likely to communicate and collaborate. If they don’t know something they will search and find someone who does. They expect flexible schedules and are seeking mentors to plan their careers.

Salina Truong of Gumball Capital spoke about her early desire to do good. As a child she wanted to buy a third world country. As a teen she sold Rubik’s Cubes and snacks and moved on to selling affiliate software on eBay. Now she works with to encourage micro lending around the world.

Larry Magid of CBS moderated the College panel with George Deglin of Berkeley, Jae Joh of Stanford, Mazy Kazerooni of Ustream, Alina Libova of Cal Poly, Jon Osborn of Santa Clara and Jeff Siebert of Stanford. They don’t watch TV or read newspapers. College students still use e-mail and carry laptops. About half the laptops at Stanford are Apple. Upper class students want smart phones that can surf the web like the iPhone or Blackberry. Other kids use basic cell phones and Microsoft Windows. Both groups look for music groups with MySpace. They use Facebook, Salesforce and Google Groups to keep track of friends or contacts. Teens will content as long as there are no strings attached like DRM. They want cell phones that vibrate and text message on faster networks. They like iTunes, Crunchgear, TechCrunch and They want better aggregation and interoperability in software applications. All of this technology makes it easier for them to be more socially and politically active.

Ben Bajrin of Creative Strategies moderated the Investor panel with Andrew Braccia of Accel, Sergio Monsalve of Norwest Venture Partners and Angela Strange of Bay Partners. Despite the current downturn investors and teens know the economy is cyclical and it will turn around. Bad investors and investments stay out of a down market and it is easier to see through the clutter. High energy costs will force the next generation to redesign where they live, work and play. Their technology choices will percolate through society and show up in other age groups. The opportunities are in mobile, content and branding. Right now there is no way for a teen to buy online without a credit card. That is an opportunity, and not just for teens. Fee or subscription models are vulnerable to advertising driven free content models. While they look for opportunities to invest in teen entrepreneurs they still want them to continue their educations.

Richard Escobedo of Teens in Tech spoke about his interest in entrepreneurship from age of seven until his present age of fourteen. He learned to be resourceful, seek help when necessary and to persevere. He started a podcast for teens and uses Twitter, WordPress, Apple and Final Cut Express video. Beyond technology he plays football and the violin.

Courtney Macavinta of Respectrx moderated the Teen Entrepreneurs with Drew Levine, Shooby Kumar and Daniel Brusilovsky. One factor in becoming a young entrepreneur is growing up in a family that values technology and entrepreneurship. They see lower barriers of entry in starting a business, with a great demand for video content.

Non-profits are inspiring teens too. Whitney Smith talked about the Girls for a Change that uses technology to build networks for girls in poor neighborhoods. Elizabeth Stock of Computers for Youth spoke of making learning fun and relevant in ways outside traditional education. Joel Franusic and Adam Smith of SuperHappyDevHouse invited teens to their big open source event at Sun Microsystems Menlo Park campus the next weekend.

Note: Forest Grove OR 8-29-17

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May 27, 2008 STC 50th Anniversary

STClogo copy.jpgcomphistlogo.jpg05-10-08-babbage5-copy.jpg05-10-08-babbage4-copy.jpg05-10-08-babbage6-copy.jpg05-10-08-babbage2-copy.jpg05-10-08-babbage3-copy.jpg05-10-08-babbage1-copy.jpg

As part of our 50th Anniversary, the STC Silicon Valley Chapter is holding a special event on Tuesday May 27, 2008 between 6:00 and 8:00 PM at the Computer History Museum. There will be a tour of the Visible Storage and Babbage exhibits, food and recognition of long time members. Text from

To register for this rare event, visit our website at:

The museum is located at
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
For directions:

Copyright 2008 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

May 7, 2008 SDF Breakfast

SDForum copy.jpgcousins-richard-copy.jpgduncan-mark-copy.jpggolovchinsky-gene-copy.jpgguerrieri-dave-copy.jpgmurthy-rashmi-copy.jpglucas-conwell-susan-face.jpgnarayan-ramani-copy.jpgnielsen-dave-face.jpgpoller-jack-copy.jpgransom-sue-copy.jpgzheng-lynn-copy.jpg

On Wednesday May 7, 2008 at Michael’s in Mountain View, SDForum held a volunteer breakfast to discuss upcoming events like next week’s Teen Tech at HP. Text from DJ


Copyright 2008 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

May 2, 2008 SDF NASSCOM

SDForum copy.jpgadvani-anil-copy.jpgang-sjaron-copy.jpgboulton-clive-copy.jpgdeshpande-anand-copy.jpgflannery-david-copy.jpggowda-manjunath-copy.jpggupta-vishal-copy.jpggur-haresh-copy.jpgkapany-raj-copy.jpgkookkiri-nikhil-copy.jpgkumar-manish-copy.jpgkumar-sunil-copy.jpglalani-hamid-copy.jpgmalhotra-kuldip-copy.jpgmalhotra-sushma-copy.jpgmurthy-krs-2-copy.jpgnatesh-ns-copy.jpgpatel-krupa-copy.jpgprakash-cv-copy.jpgraghava-avinash-copy.jpgsands-carol-copy.jpgvasudevan-rajan-copy.jpgverma-deven-copy.jpgvijayan-jayadeep-copy.jpg

On May 2, 2008 at Orrick offices in Redwood City, SDForum and NASSCOM hosted a social mixer for the Indian delegation at Orrick and with senior TiE charter members. The people at Orrick make you feel welcome and know how to organize an event. The facility has this great Scandanavian design that looks like the entire building came out of a big flat box from IKEA. You can see my pictures of the chairs and tables that look like abstract art even when stored. Text from Continue reading May 2, 2008 SDF NASSCOM

April 29, 2008 CICC Dov Frohman


On April 29, 2008 at Intel’s Campus in Sunnyvale, the California Israel Chamber Commerce held a discussion of Israeli high tech pioneer Dov Frohman’s new book “Leadership The Hard Way: Why Leadership Can’t Be Taught – And How You Can Learn it Anyway”. Robert Howard, author of “Brave New Workplace” led the discussion with David Perlmutter, Executive VP and General Manager of of Intel’s Mobility Group. Text from Continue reading April 29, 2008 CICC Dov Frohman

Apr. 29, 2008 SDF Digital Media Quarterly

SDForum copy.jpgcannington-david-copy.jpgdeng-daniel-copy.jpgechtman-steve-copy.jpgfang-jay-copy.jpggalbi-david-copy.jpggruber-danny-copy.jpghansch-neal-copy.jpgheyert-mark-copy.jpghorning-richard-copy.jpgjasin-joe2-copy.jpgkeenan-mark-copy.jpgkemby-linda-copy.jpgkesler-john-copy.jpgkim-joseph-copy.jpglin-jonathan-copy.jpgliu-nan-copy.jpglynch-pat-copy.jpgpetersen-richard-copy.jpgramankutty-jayan-copy.jpgrhee-aran-copy.jpgries-eric-copy.jpgristig-roland-copy.jpgsahni-dimple-copy.jpgsawicki-todd-copy.jpgtowovic-miowir-copy.jpgyen-richard-copy.jpgzhang-jiang-copy.jpg

On April 29, 2008 at Fish & Richardson in Redwood City SDForum Mobile SIG hosted the Digital Media Quarterly to discuss business models, pitfalls, technology, and controlling content. Richard Horning of Fish & Richardson moderated a panel including Neal Hansch of Rustic Canyon, Eric Ries of IMVU, Todd Sawicki of Lookery, Richard Yen of Blueprint Ventures and Jian Zhang of Tradescape, Inc. Text from Continue reading Apr. 29, 2008 SDF Digital Media Quarterly

Apr. 24, 2008 STC Schmooze

STClogo copy.jpg04-24-08-stc5-copy.jpg11-01-00-stccover.jpg04-24-08-stc1-copy.jpg04-24-08-stc4-copy.jpg04-24-08-stc3-copy.jpg

On April 24, 2008 at Arthur’s in Santa Clara, STC Silicon Valley chapter held it’s spring Schmooze. It was a big happy crowd of people networking for the next job. In honor of Earth Day, everyone got a free tote bag. Pat Harvey won an iPod and Andrew Davis won a tank of gas. The good news is he drives a hybrid. Text from Continue reading Apr. 24, 2008 STC Schmooze

Apr. 22, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Biofuels

SDForum copy.jpgsdf-aug08-ethanol.jpgalon-ricki-copy.jpgbearsworth-ed-copy.jpgbennett-keith-copy.jpgblake-richard-copy.jpgburrus-don-copy.jpgclark-gregory-copy.jpgcohen-andrea-copy.jpgdarmstaedter-eric-copy.jpgedwards-gwen-copy.jpgeudes-yves-copy.jpgfortney-ray-copy.jpgfox-paul-copy.jpgho-gordon-copy.jpghorn-james-copy.jpgkahn-brian-copy.jpgkan-martin-copy.jpgkatzir-oren-copy.jpgkaufman-david-copy.jpglangley-tristen-copy.jpglynn-kelsey-copy.jpgmatlof-jason-copy.jpgmeerman-hendrik-copy.jpgpedrozo-nelson-copy.jpgpidgeon-jim-copy.jpgporcino-betsy-copy.jpgport-david-copy.jpgrangan-gopi-copy.jpgreichert-bill-copy.jpgrobertson-jan-copy.jpgtaylor-paul-copy.jpgtoriello-nicholas-copy.jpgwilson-steve-copy.jpgwu-marianne-copy.jpg

On April 22, 2008 at AMD’s campus in Santa Clara, SDForum with Astia and Moss Adams presented this month’s Clean Tech Breakfast. The topic was “Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies – What’s Real?”From

Andrea Cohen of Nixon Peabody moderated a panel with Eric Darmstaedter of ClearFuels, Jason Matlof of Battery Ventures, Hendrick Meerman of Cobalt Biofuels, Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures and Marianne Wu of Mohr Davidow.From Continue reading Apr. 22, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Biofuels

Apr. 15, 2008 SDF VC PWC

SDForum copy.jpgbengston-steve2-copy.jpgbaharav-ofer-copy.jpgblake-richard-copy.jpgburks-sylvia-copy.jpggerhardt-dania-copy.jpggerhardt-gregory-copy.jpgkinzelberg-chad-copy.jpgleckie-lars-copy.jpgmezak-steve-copy.jpgmiller-adam-copy.jpgminer-allan-copy.jpgomalley-brian-copy.jpgomalley-brian-copy.jpgperez-matt-copy.jpgpichinson-martin-copy.jpgrath-holger-copy.jpgschmelter-ralf-copy.jpgsmith-david-copy.jpgspector-yuval-copy.jpgstedman-chris-copy.jpgunnamatla-sree-copy.jpgvaldez-christie-copy.jpgvernetti-amy-copy.jpgwang-gigi-copy.jpgwhitman-michael-copy.jpgwong-richard-face.jpgzapf-lars-copy.jpg

On Tuesday, January 15, 2008 in Palo Alto at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and SDForum held the fifth quarterly Venture Breakfast Series in partnership with PWC. Text stolen from Continue reading Apr. 15, 2008 SDF VC PWC

For Future Reference