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Jun. 17, 2015 Apple Watch

I have done my research and will not be buying an Apple Watch. Furthermore, I will not buy an iPhone. I already know where I am on a map. I already know my heart rate. I know how far I have walked. There is no message I need to know about right now. I do not need to be mugged because of a successful ad campaign. Maybe later there will be some value for me, but I do not see it now. This includes Android devices.

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Oct. 4, 2011 Apple iPhone 4S

On October 4, 2011 in Cupertino at Apple, CEO Tim Cook revealed the new iPhone 4S looking a lot like the old one. It has an A5 chip, an 8MP camera and access to the cloud. The big news was the deal with Sprint. I hope these unlimited, all-you-can-eat data plans catch on. Otherwise the cloud will filled with billing data about how many minutes we spent online.

There clearly was not enough room for all the press that showed up. Apple needs to work on that.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

On September 28, 2011 in New York City, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed a new line of Kindles. The most important was the Fire, a one pound tablet with a seven inch screen that sells for $199. It has no speaker or microphone but has a special browser called Silk that allows users to easily download content off Amazon’s cloud. It would be an interesting device for people who already have a cheap cell phone. It uses WiFi so you don’t need an expensive monthly data plan. It would be even cheaper if you never bought any content from Amazon but surfed for free content instead. Oh, you can download Android apps. That should make Google happy.

Despite all of this, I still don’t want one. I don’t want an Apple iPad either. I want a cheaper and faster network to run any device on.

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