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April 17, 2022 Blumbers

Booster Easter

Getting my Covid booster shot. Building all my health care around major holidays. Getting ready for termite shots before Arbor Day.

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Nov. 27, 2021 Blumbers


The enormity of the epidemic hits me in different ways.

I was walking down a street and saw a woman in her front yard struggling to hang Christmas decorations on a tree. Her husband normally did this but he had died from covid in the past year. I extended my condolences offered to help. One thing led to another and I wound up having Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Enjoy your pumpkin pie.

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Nov. 7, 2021 Blumbers


I grow weary after all these years. You know you have been doing this a long time when someone threatens you. I do not  intimidate well. Do not taunt happy fun ball. Guess it is time to meet in person. I will find you.

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Oct. 31, 2021 Blumbers

For the second year in a row, the best Halloween costume is to wear a Covid biological bunny suit (without the bunny. Does this mean that all those Darth Vaders partying have not got their shots yet? I did.

Happy Halloween, Everybody! BTW I voted. Making a difference. And yes I have one in my car. Doesn’t everybody?

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Oct. 17, 2021 Blumbers

Stand Up You Are Rocking The Vote

As I sit at my desk and quietly research the mail-in ballot, it is so easy to vote here. If you do not have the votes, face the fact and rethink your strategy.

Living in a Democracy constantly challenges you to think differently. Maybe that is why the bad guys are more scared of the thinking than the voting. If you believe in basic human rights, move where you can vote. If you cannot vote you probably cannot conduct business easily, so move your vote someplace else.

Vote. I blog and I vote. Not dead yet. Happy Birthday kid.

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Sep. 5, 2021 Blumbers

I regret that I have been ill. I tried my best to avoid the inevitable but this has been a hard virus to avoid. The good news is that I was somewhat healthy to begin with. I will be taking further risks with all the various booster and variant immunizations going around. This raises a more important question. What if I had no health insurance? Everyone should have healthcare. It is a basic human right.

Meanwhile why am I getting all these calls for help from Texas?

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May 2, 2021 Blumbers

Mission of Gravity

You know how much you know something by teaching it to others. Apparently kids go through a stage where they keep asking why. Sadly I am still asking why. Every kid asks about gravity. I give demonstrations of things like hammers falling to the ground but what I really need is two rocks in the asteroid belt gradually attracted to one another over millions of years. It would be the world’s most expensive science project.

With a nod to Hal Clement and Mr. Stubbs.

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Apr. 18, 2021 Blumbers

Catching Up

Regular viewers will note I have been a little lax in my postings. I am busy taking care of more than a little routine administrivia and will hopefully be back on top of things soon. My thought are always with you.

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Apr. 11, 2021 Blumbers

Lessons Learned

The more I think about all that has happened in the past year made me think about  what have I learned from it. Yes, I was more prepared than most, but what would I do differently? I think there is a book in there somewhere…

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Apr. 4, 2021 Blumbers

Time Well Spent

What do you do when you cannot do anything? There is always something you can do. I cleaned everything twice. If I could not make use of it, I gave it away. The schools were closed so I taught someone to read. I also taught someone how to play chess and now they can beat the computer. I thought about several problematic science fiction stories and turned one apocalyptic plague story into a comedy. Most importantly, I helped one family avoid eviction. Tragedies can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but it can also bring out the best. There are a lot of good people in the world, be one of them.

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Mar. 28, 2021 Blumbers

Not Helping

When the coronavirus outbreak came, I had a friend who had trouble breathing. His insurance company wanted to put him in an assisted living facility, which I though would have been a death sentence. I did everything I could to keep in him alive because that is what you do. You don’t throw a friend overboard. You band together and help. He just got his shot. Don’t kick a man when he is down, he might recover.

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Mar. 21, 2021 Blumbers

Covid Anniversary

It has been a year of masks and death and now there is hope of various vaccines for Covid 19. People will ask me what I did during the plague. Well, like most people I banded together to survive.

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Mar. 14, 2021 Blumbers

The Last to Die

What can I say about being absent? For a year I have been trying not to be the last man on earth. After a year I almost got my wish and still have not gotten my shot.

I was beginning to think I would never cover another event. I would never eat in another restaurant or go see a movie in a theater. Now I watch movies on computers. I am still reading old fashioned books, but touching a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room? I’ll check my messages.

Sadly, I have lost people. I am chasing down a story about a guy who outlived his entire graduating class. It was a small school and they were kind of old but at least no one will try to sell him life insurance at the class reunion.

I cannot wait to get my shot. I have been dodging this thing for over a year and do not want to be the last guy to die from this thing. All this has given me a great idea for a play that anyone could perform, providing there is no restriction on people gathering.

To a better future.

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Jan 24, 2020 Blumbers

Our Long National Nightmare

Our long national nightmare is over. Let us not do this again. Let us conduct ourselves as professionals going forward and looking forward. If you had told someone five years ago that any of this would happen, they would not have believed you. So let’s make this unbelievable. The system works when we make it work.

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Jan. 17, 2021 Blumbers

Covid Anniversary

I first heard about the coronavirus a year ago. Buying a whole bunch of toilet paper no longer seems so crazy now does it?

There is going to be another one and we need to prepare. We need to dramatically improve our heathcare in America. I do not want to have to get close to you to ask if you have insurance. If you can walk into the emergency room you are a customer and a patient.

I was trying to figure out how to think how to thank all the healthcare workers I have met over the past year. One woman wisely suggested we pay off all their student loans. After all I would rather worry about a highly contagious  incurable virus than paying off my student loans.

Still waiting for my shot. The future is running a little slow here.

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Jan. 10, 2021 Blumbers

Signless of the Times

This was the week that all the Trump political signs disappeared in my neighborhood. There were not that many and even termites avoided them. As for Wednesday afternoon, it was all fun and games until somebody got hurt (killed). Hopefully we can move forward despite all the best efforts of selfish short-sighted people. At a basic level, democracy is a popularity contest. When you lose an election it means a lot of people do not like you. Maybe it was something you said, over and over trying to make it true. It is more than psychology, it is math and some things do not add up.

Thanks Nancy, you were there when it counted to count.

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Dec. 30 , 2020 Blumbers

Another Roaring Twenties

Having a near Covid experience makes you think about what you have accomplished. I know for a fact I have helped thousands of people find work. People in the future will not know that unemployment in the United States was a death sentence. It led to the spread of disease and more death. I campaigned continuously to get universal healthcare which you will hopefully take for granted.

I have written decades of little quips whether you liked them or not. Without my comedy there is only your drama.

I have covered the rise of the Internet and social media and refused to silenced or intimidated. I politely ignore you or am ignorant of you.

I have documented the rise and fall of caring about each other, fashionable or not.

While I mourn the loss of bookstores, like Ben Franklin, I look forward to the new editions.

Get ready for another roaring twenties. 23 skidoo.

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Dec. 20, 2020 Blumbers

The Flu Next Time

Yet another anniversary for the world’s longest running website. After 2020, I am surprised to still have electricity. My intention was to keep going until the lights went out, giving future students enough to write their homework assignments. Of course many kids out there are studying at home waiting for a new Socrates to to start asking questions in the marketplace.

Remember this will happen again. We were lucky it was influenza and not the Ebola virus. We need to prepare to care for people better than we have been. There won’t be time  to ask what kind of health insurance a new plague victim may have. We should build healthcare as a basic human right and treat them immediately. What’s more we should help them miss work to get better. Even more important is that they should affordable housing where they can stay until they get better.

What humanity has learned is that the Internet can show us how to employ and function without increasing our carbon footprint. It is the time of year to quote Jacob Marley “Mankind was my business.”


Dec. 13, 2020 Blumbers

Dolly for Christmas

In what is one of the least credible timelines, country singer Dolly Parton apparently gave a lot of money for researching a cure for Covid-19. This shows how important social mobility can be for some raised in extreme poverty.

If you told this to anyone ten years ago, they would not believe you.

I wonder what kind of disease Johnny Cash would try to cure? I am sure the fundraising song would be titled “A boy named flu.”

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Nov. 22, 2020 Blumbers


Four years ago I would have been pretty beat up by the election results. This year is a somber affair. A drunk uncle who crowed about the victory is no longer with us, having voted for the wrong person.

Still I get to serve the crow with sweet potatoes and remember all those we have lost and work toward it never happening again.

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Nov. 15, 2020 Blumbers

World Series

Boy, some people cannot take a hint. It is not fixed, it is math. If you don’t have the numbers, you lose. You need to concede to  figure out what you did wrong and decide if you want to try again.

Buy a baseball team and study it. Notice everybody takes a turn at hitting the ball. There are still rules but we agree to take turns. Otherwise baseball would be a contact sport.

Welcome to the real world. Even when it goes into extra innings. Play ball!

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Nov. 8, 2020 Blumbers

2020 Election

First I want to thank everyone who voted in the American election last Tuesday. The lines were not long and some people clearly still wearing their Halloween costumes. One guy was dressed like he walked off a Molly Hatchet album cover. People were giggling at the attempt to intimidate, so I gave him a cloak of invisibility. I had done my research and could have mailed it in but decided to do it the old fashioned way surrounded by people I knew and those who knew me. They are still counting mainly because so many people voted. Thanks to millions of voters. Thanks to one, you.

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October 25, 2020 Blumbers

On The Road

My carbon footprint is Sasquatch-like. I’ve been trying to get it to something more appropriate, but there are not enough charging stations. There will come a point when everyone goes electric kind of like when leaded gasoline production was stopped. It won’t be easy but I will still be in near constant motion. Oh, I almost forgot. Vote.

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Oct. 18, 2020 Blumbers

Website Anniversary

We are approaching another anniversary for what I consider the world’s oldest website. Moving from place to place it has been 25 years of constant updating. Hopefully it will be another 25 years depending on how you vote. Please vote. It is going to be really close.

I have been in elections and won by one vote. You can make a difference.

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Oct. 11,2020 Blumbers

Covid 19

I have been wearing masks and dodging Covid19 for months. How long will my luck hold? Long enough for me to vote? Many of you will be able to vote by mail. Do so at your earliest opportunity. It is important to vote. Oh, you might lose your health insurance. Copyright 2020 DJ Cline All rights reserved.