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Nov. 8, 2020 Blumbers

2020 Election

First I want to thank everyone who voted in the American election last Tuesday. The lines were not long and some people clearly still wearing their Halloween costumes. One guy was dressed like he walked off a Molly Hatchet album cover. People were giggling at the attempt to intimidate, so I gave him a cloak of invisibility. I had done my research and could have mailed it in but decided to do it the old fashioned way surrounded by people I knew and those who knew me. They are still counting mainly because so many people voted. Thanks to millions of voters. Thanks to one, you.

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October 25, 2020 Blumbers

On The Road

My carbon footprint is Sasquatch-like. I’ve been trying to get it to something more appropriate, but there are not enough charging stations. There will come a point when everyone goes electric kind of like when leaded gasoline production was stopped. It won’t be easy but I will still be in near constant motion. Oh, I almost forgot. Vote.

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Oct. 18, 2020 Blumbers

Website Anniversary

We are approaching another anniversary for what I consider the world’s oldest website. Moving from place to place it has been 25 years of constant updating. Hopefully it will be another 25 years depending on how you vote. Please vote. It is going to be really close.

I have been in elections and won by one vote. You can make a difference.

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Oct. 11,2020 Blumbers

Covid 19

I have been wearing masks and dodging Covid19 for months. How long will my luck hold? Long enough for me to vote? Many of you will be able to vote by mail. Do so at your earliest opportunity. It is important to vote. Oh, you might lose your health insurance. Copyright 2020 DJ Cline All rights reserved.

Aug. 23, 2020 Blumbers

Close shave

Driving down the roadI looked in my rear view mirror and saw guy using an electric shaver, like he was Don Draper from Madmen or the Norelco Santa Claus. Who is still making these devices? Should we put money into Aqua Velva?

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Aug. 16, 2020 Blumbers

Traveling Light

I’ve been on the road so long  I am used to the routine. Physicist Leo Szilard used to carry two suitcases with him at all times.  I wonder if this is what there rest of our lives will be like?

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Aug. 9, 2020 Blumbers

Yesterday was the eight day of the eighth month. I am still on the road. Interesting story. A woman had her home destroyed in a fire. The insurance company would only pay if they had pictures of all the household. This brought up an important point. Do you have pictures of all your stuff online? Makes me think twice about acquiring lots of stuff. Meryn Cadell has a song about her stuff. Recommended.

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