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June 7, 2007 SDF Mobile Social Networking

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June 7, 2007, at Accenture in Palo Alto, SDForum SDForum’s Mobile Internet SIG hosted “Mobile Social Networking: Beyond Voice and SMS”. Mario Tapia of Danger, Inc. hosted a panel with Ben Keighran of BluePulse, John Poisson of Tiny Pictures / Radar and Evan Tana of Loopt. They discussed the social and technological forces driving business growth and demonstrated their new services. Continue reading June 7, 2007 SDF Mobile Social Networking

May 23, 2007 SDF Teen Tech 3: College

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On Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at the Hewlett-Packard Auditorium in Palo Alto, SDForum presented “Next Generation Tech: Teens Plugged In!” This is part three of a series on teens and technology focusing on the college students.

Jasmine France, an editor and writer for CNET, moderated a panel of college students from Berkeley, Stanford, Santa Clara University, UC Santa Cruz. They discussed teens and technology. FaceBook again trumps MySpace as a socializing app. They carry high-end cell phones and iPods, but are looking at convergence devices like the iPhone. They pay for music or listen to Internet radio. They use a wider variety of PDAs for e-mail and text messaging and like dedicated devices for their simplicity. They want rugged devices with long battery life and full keyboards. They want open source software on mobile devices. Given a choice, nobody uses a landline telephone.

Preet Anand is a biological engineering major from Santa Clara University and writer with experience in medical outsourcing. He is not crazy about all-in-one devices because losing one would be like losing a girlfriend.

Ross Dakin is graduating Santa Clara University and will be working for LiveOps. President of the SCU Engineering and Business Alliance he already runs his own consulting company. In his experience, surfing the web on a cell phone does not always work.

Joe DiPasquale, David Gobaud and Josh Liptzin are all majoring in computer science at Stanford and and co-founder of They are all co-founders of an organizing and socializing company.

Daniel Fukuba and Eric Vicenti are founders of Composite Labs. Daniel Fukuba builds robots. His battle bot MaxWedge was national champion for three years. He works with Paly robotics and helps out with the MIT Lemellson project. Eric Vicenti has extensive knowledge of consumer electronics and now applies it to robotics.

Kyle Jessen a junior at Santa Clara University and a finance major and works with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He currently is an analyst at a global finance firm and likes Blackberries. If you lose it you can reload your e-mail and preference easily. He wants speed and performance.

Vikram Mahal studies biology at Berkeley and works for the Triple Helix, a medical journal. He thinks that GPS navigation or mapping is a killer app for mobile devices. He is concerned about companies gathering information about potential employees. HR professionals look at online profiles like FaceBook as much as at resumes.
Kalvin Wang is a junior at Stanford. He is founder of Gumball Capital, a micro-lending company. He is astounded by how pervasive FaceBook has become and how much information people divulged online.

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June 5, 2007 SDF VC PWC

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SDForum Quarterly Venture Breakfast with PWC

On Tuesday, June 5 2007 at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Palo Alto, SDForum held the second quarterly Venture Breakfast Series in partnership with PWC. A panel of corporate venture capitalists talked about how they invest, from seed funding to series C+, turning innovative technology into fast growing industries. Corporate VC investments can be a leading indicator on the viability of a sector. Continue reading June 5, 2007 SDF VC PWC

May 3, 2007 ASME Tesla Roadster

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May 3, 2007 ASME Tesla Roadster

Tired of burning gas? Get a Tesla Roadster. Save the planet and get a speeding ticket at the same time. On Thursday May 3, 2007 at Menlo Park’s TechShop, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers of Santa Clara Valley hosted Doug Bourn, Senior Electrical Engineer of Tesla Motors to talk about the design and testing of the Power Electronics Module (PEM) for the Tesla Roadster.

Bourn Doug.jpg
The Bourn Supremacy

Doug Bourn earned his BSEE from Stanford and worked for a decade at IDEO designing or developing consumer products and medical electronic devices. Bourn is a pilot, skydiver, motorcyclist, ham radio operator and not afraid to take risks.

The Toadster

The Tesla Roadster costs $80,000, which is not unusual for a high performance sports car. Tesla is planning a cheaper production car to be built in New Mexico, so in many ways the roadster is a prototype to test the concept. They feel the need for speed and efficiency. Here are the specs. It can go from zero to sixty in four seconds. Its top speed is 140 miles per hour with a 250-mile range. At current electric rates, it costs a penny per mile or approximately 130 miles per gallon. Bourn talked about some of the innovation in the main components.

Vepremi David.jpg
David Vespremi talked about Tesla’s strategy to develop less expensive vehicles. They have no intention to build econo-boxes. Most luxury sedans are in the thirty to fifty thousand dollar range and they think they can do that.

Newton Jim.jpg
After the talk Jim Newton gave a tour of the TechShop, a high tech playground for fabricators of all ages.

Magie Stephen.jpg
I have never seen such an excited group of engineers. I think they would have taken the car apart in the parking lot just to see how it worked. Stephen Magie was there and Elise Engelhardt of SVEC was ready to drive it off the lot.

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Apr. 2, 2007 SDF Scandinavia

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On Monday, April 2, 2007, at DLA Piper in East Palo Alto, SDForum’s International SIG Program presented Scandinavia: Opportunities and Challenges. Foad Vafaei Director, Office of General Manager, Emerging Solutions, at SAP Labs moderated a panel consisting of Michael Hadley, Sales and Alliances Executive of Ekahau, Inc., Howard Hartenbaum, former Skype board member and Partner at Draper Richards, LP, Jyri Huopaniemi, Head of Interaction Core Technology Center at the Nokia Research Center, and Pekka Parnanen, Director of FinNode. They discussed the state of innovation in Scandinavia. Continue reading Apr. 2, 2007 SDF Scandinavia

Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Investment Trends

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The SDForum Platform 2.0 panel on Investment Trends was moderated by Brian Goncher Relationship Manager at Deloitte and consisted of Mitchell Kertzman, Partner at Hummer Winbald, Tom Cole, General Partner at Trinity Ventures, Gary Little, General Partner at Morganthaler Ventures and Ray Wu, New Business Ventures at Hewlett-Packard. It was the funniest and smartest panel I’ve seen in months. Continue reading Mar. 27, 2007 SDF Investment Trends