If you are looking for me online, I am on LinkedIn, Twitter and this website. I am too busy for anything else. I am not nor have I ever been on any other social media. If you see something online that I do not refer to on this site, it is somebody else, not me. There is a dandy new California law about impersonation which someone may be violating, so let me know on my contact page. So who am I? Well let’s see…

Here is how I was introduced at one event:

“DJ Cline is an award-winning photojournalist covering the origin and impact of emerging technology, business, and media around the world. He covers everything from artificial intelligence to venture capital. He was a Director of the Silicon Valley Engineering Council, SDForum Media Fellow, charter member of the Long Now Foundation and STC Fellow. As president of the STC Silicon Valley Chapter, he improved its online presence in social media and restored its financial health to the point it could help STC as a whole survive. His warmth, enthusiasm, and good humor enable individuals with divergent opinions to communicate and find mutually agreeable solutions to problems. DJ is a leader and visionary who has attracted new members, introduced technological innovations to the chapter, and won for STC the recognition of Engineering Professional Organization by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council, conveying value on all technical communicators as well as the profession.”

I have often felt that what people say about you says a lot about them. Here some other things people have said about me:

Suneeta Aggarwal “DJ does a great job covering — in words and pictures — technical writing events.

Joseph Amaral “DJ is the best. He is prompt with his work and delivers it with the best quality. He goes out of his way to help his peers and is highly recommenced to network with.”

Jeannine Athas “DJ Cline is a talented photographer/journalist. Yet he may more appropriately be called a communications specialist with an eye for what is new and where people and technology are moving. He is known for his splendid work covering international events at the SDForum Intl SIG I chaired. He even managed to photograph me with my eyes open! I suggest you keep your eyes open to follow the excellent work of the ever lively, every well-informed DJ Cline who brings a special talent and energy to his many endeavors.”

Tim Bailey “DJ is one of those people that you like to have at any event with you. DJ is a positive, friendly person who enjoys both talking with people and blogging about them with pleasing photos.”

Mollye Barrett “Thanks to DJ Cline for the excellent Summit photos! I really enjoyed the Summit Faces collage and look forward to using my collage photo for a profile update!”

Phil Burton “DJ took a photo of me to use for an event he was covering. I liked the photo well enough that I’m using it for the 280 Group website and for LInkedIn!”

Dan Callahan “DJCline did a great job capturing the energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and VC interest at the first ever SVForum Startup Expo. Having DJ come by and give each table/exhibit individual attention was, in my opinion, part of what made this event such a success. Thanks, DJ!”

Barbara Cass “You are a truly great writer.”

Sheryl Chamberlain “One of life’s greatest gift is the one captured in technical color depicting a special moment of time forever burned in life’s memories. That is exactly the gift DJ gives Bay Area leaders and innovators. Photographing the SVForum 2013 Vision Awards, DJ captured a moment with me and Padma Warrior and so many others celebrating the spirit of Silicon Valley. Bravo!”

Andrew Davis “His clarity, humor, and collaboration skills are rare — and a breath of fresh air. DJ is the most connected, tuned-in technical communicator I know. He’s everywhere, seems to know everyone, and is tireless in his pursuit of interesting technologies and the stories behind them.”

Pamela Day “DJ is a great photographer. What makes him great is that he is so welcoming – he immediately puts everyone at ease. If you are looking for a photographer for your event DJ is your man!”

Joe Devney “I was a guest speaker at an STC Silicon Valley meeting. DJ took photos at the event. The one he took of me was of very good quality–I plan to use it on LinkedIn and elsewhere.”

Daniel Doornbos “DJ served as the president of our STC Silicon Valley Chapter a few years ago. But his dedication and involvement have remained constant and appreciated. DJ was instrumental in recruiting new Chapter officers and continues to support their success. He arranged for a complete redesign of our award-winning web site and donated funds to cover the cost. And no activity happens without DJ’s extensive photographic record of the event. Things just wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Aurelian Dumitru “DJ is really easy to work with. What I really enjoyed in working with him is that although he may not share your opinions, he always finds constructive ways to convince you that there may other views that are just as good as yours. Thanks, DJ!”

Patty Elkus “His photography is excellent and he takes the time to make his subjects feel comfortable and the result speaks volumes.”

Elise Engelhardt “He is incredibly active in so many different organizations and provides wonderful cross organization publicity.”

Baat Enosh ” I was at an event, and DJ was taking pictures. He took such a nice picture of me that I will probably use it as my bio picture.”

Laura Erkeneff “These pictures are awesome. You really captured the spirit of the event. And, a big thank you for the excellent questions last night. Your questions were insightful, informed and allowed new and interesting facets of the topic to be explored.”

Mark Finnern “DJ Cline is very connected in the valley.””You know you are one of the most compassionate, well articulated and funny people I ever met. You floor me with your comments and the reference to random crazy stuff when I talk to you and you genuinely care.

Jean Forrest “You were absolutely fantastic yesterday! You provided excellent insights to the students and stimulated discussion with your observations and very humorous remarks (!!!). You have such a way with words, I wish I had been able to write down all your pithy (and succinct) comments! Believe me, those students were riveted when you spoke.”

Janet Fouts “Whenever I see DJ at an event I know the photos are going to be good. He’s a pleasure to work with and always willing to chat about tech events and photography too. He’s friendly, professional and has a good eye for the big picture.”

Liz Fraley “DJ is dedicated to spreading knowledge and growing expertise in his community and customers. As chair of the STC Silicon Valley, he delivers high-quality programs for his members. He covers events and news for them and for the greater community as well. Knowledge sharing is a rare and precious commodity that DJ delights in making available to everyone who needs it and I’m better off for knowing him.”

Chris Gill “DJ did a terrific job covering startup events in Silicon Valley, including many SVASE and SVForum Main Events, plus the annual high profile Launch: Silicon Valley held on the Microsoft campus.”

Bill Grosso “DJ knows more about emerging technology than many experts.”

Todd Hawley “He has always been a great joy to work with and has worked hard to achieve our goal of a site that appeals to all members. DJ has always been supportive and understanding when things have gone astray. He always jokes about a bad situation or makes a positive comment.”

Robert HershenowDJ Cline’s portfolio shows a creative photographer with a good eye for composition. But he’s also efficient, professional, and personable, and his enthusiasm and energy are contagious. And he seems to be everywhere. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in any capacity.”

David Hovey “Thank you for your faithful and steadfast service to both our chapter and the STC community. You are an amazing, talented, and inspiring human being. It has been a tremendous honor serving beside you.”

David Katsumoto “DJ is a renaissance man in the world of technology, openly embracing new technologies and chasing down the latest developments in emerging technology fields.”

Bob Ketner “I know you’re networker extraordinaire.”

Ron Lichty “DJ has for years documented the life of SVForum and other Valley and Bay Area gatherings, to stunning success – most recently superbly capturing the doings (including me!) at SVForum’s Visionaries. A huge Shout Out to a great contributor!”

Nathaniel Lim “DJ’s enthusiasm is contagious.”

Susan Lucas-Conwell “Over the years DJ Cline has written hundreds of articles on emerging technology for our publication and website. He has covered biotech, clean tech, semiconductors, social networking, telecommunications, venture capital and web services to name a few. Many of the small startups written about have gained visibility and financing to become successful new businesses in our community and the world. His hard work and good humor reflect well on the technical communication profession.”

Gina Luzzi “DJ did a great job as the president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of STC.”

Viki Maki “DJ was the Silicon Valley STC Chapter President at a time when the leadership team was in a crucial transition. He provided key leadership to help the STC-SVC Administrative Council successfully get through a very difficult time.”

Greg Makowski “While I was the chair of www.SFbayACM.org, DJ Cline has done an excellent job with photos covering an ACM event.”

Richard Mateosian “As a fellow chapter president, I admire the way he has brought order and sensible leadership to the Silicon Valley chapter.””STC Fellow DJ Cline practices a unique form of photo-journalism and technical sleuthing. He is the person to talk to when you want to understand what’s happening in Silicon Valley.”

Francie Miller “You are the pro that we all trust!””Silicon Valley’s trusted tech journalist”

KRS Murthy “Thanks for your dedication. People like you, who are team players make it happen…You have already become a treasure for SVEC within a year. Keep it up.”

Kim Murray “DJ Cline is a very dedicated, passionate writer and photographer who regularly contributed articles and photographs to SVForum’s newsletters and event coverage. He attends hundreds of tech events around Silicon Valley providing a snapshot of SV to the world, highlighting both new and upcoming companies and technologies—-definitely providing a very valuable resource for those who can’t make it to all of the events in SV!”

Rachel Proffitt  “One of my clients used him for a recent event and his work was great!”

Raghu Ramakrishnan “DJ took great photos at the Hadoop SQL summit; I’m thinking of using one of the pics he took for my bio.”

Marta Rauch “DJ is an expert technical communicator and photographer. Recognized as a Fellow of STC (Society for Technical Communication), DJ is knowledgeable in his field and a respected mentor. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with DJ on the leadership team of the Silicon Valley Chapter of STC.”

Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D. “I have seen DJ Cline in action working at several SVForum events and he always manages step forward with great confidence to ask a poignant question that relates the subject of the day to what matters to the man-on-the-street and to society in general. He peels the layers of the onion away to get to the core of the issue, and one can tell that he really cares for people, for business and for nature and the environment.  The camera, pen and keyboard are his palette and craft. “

Peg Smith “If you don’t get DJ, you don’t get much.”

David Snyder “I’ve been fortunate to work with DJ on some SVForum events. He is simply great at capturing great photos at the events and then writing about the presentations and discussions. Check out DJ’s blog. I’ll be changing myLinkedIn profile picture to one that DJ took at an event.”

Joyce Stoer Cordi “DJ is a magician with a camera –. I always hate the way I look in photographs but not when DJ is behind the lens.   I looked at the first untouched photo and said “wow” — “i like that” — “it really looks like me”   I would recommend him to anyone who wants quick, qualtiy work, done with a smile!!”

Theresa Stanley “I am impressed with DJ’s leadership and style. He is articulate, intelligent, professional, and a kind and welcoming person.”

Ying Tam “I met DJ at the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and he did a great job of covering the event. I certainly liked and enjoyed the photos he took!.”

Wendy Tung “I don’t know what we would do without you. You are certainly by far the best PR manager that we have had in at least five years (if not the best PR Manager ever).”

Irene Vink ““DJ is a photographer who makes pictures of people looking good! I asked him to make some photos of a client in the US which would be the main focus of a double portrait for a returning feature in a Dutch magazine. DJ had to work with a detailed brief by the Dutch editor who would have the other pictures taken by another photographer. Despite the fact that we only communicated by e-mail, the time difference and the restraints of the brief, DJ came up with a few lovely sets of pictures, in which our client looked great and which answered to the the brief. I would hire DJ again for sure!”

Mary Vue “In the end, individuals and teams innovate. Leaders inspire and create the environment for innovation. (Judy Estrin) DJ is the exemplary leader that Estrin talks about.”

Carol Anne Wall “DJ took some terrific photos of our group at an awards ceremony. The photos had great color/contrast and composition. He was also taking candid photos and posed casual photos at the same event. He was always polite, unobtrusive, and pleasant to chat with.”

Gigi Wang “DJ has been a photo journalist for several of our Wireless Communications Alliance events and has written very informative and insightful articles about each of the events. And he is also a talented photographer catching interesting people and interesting moments in a series of beautiful photos.”

Julie Welch “DJ is a very talented photographer and writer and I enjoyed working with him while I was the Events Manager at SDForum.”

Karen Wisdom “I was absolutely thrilled that you took the time to come to our class. Everything you went over was absolutely critical to their understanding of how important communication is in the field. It makes a huge difference when it’s coming from a professional in the industry versus their teacher.”

Recommended Reading

If you insist on profiling me, consider my favorite stories are:

The Iron Heel by Jack London

The Trial by Franz Kafka

If This Goes On by Robert A. Heinlein

Scanners Live In Vain by Cordwainer Smith

Two Tomorrows by C.M. Kornbluh

Citizen of Space by Robert Sheckley

The Man In The High Castle by Phillip K. Dick

Paratime by H. Beam Piper

The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

All The Myriad Ways by Larry Niven

The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Virtual Light by William Gibson

World War Z by Max Brooks

California by Edan Lepucki

Remember, we are more than our words. We are more than we can ever know about each other. -DJ Cline


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